Rick and Craig talk about the Browns headed into the bye week – WFNY Podcast – 2013-11-05

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WFNY Podcast LogoRick and I talked about the Browns game from Sunday. We also talked a bit about the Browns heading into the bye week.

  • Is this one of the weirdest up and down Browns seasons in memory?
  • How did the Browns come to play the QBs they’ve played so far this year?
  • The nuance of talking about the running game issues without getting lost in the Trent Richardson debate
  • Willis McGahee and just how ineffective he’s been for the Browns
  • Davone Bess and how some people wanted to cut him just a week before
  • The reactionary nature of Browns fans
  • The hiring of Chud and comparing his handling of the Browns to Pat Shurmur
  • Norv Turner and his influence on the quarterback decisions
  • Ray Horton’s defense gaining traction

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  • Bruce Hicks

    Kinda think points were missed with discussion of Bess criticism and TRich trade. Also did Rick miss fact that we’ve been beating teams that all have better running games?

  • Harv 21

    Good analysis, guys. Two things:

    – While a lot of my beefs with the FO have withered as they have proven themselves right, the demise of the running game throughout the league begs the question of why they have put all their eggs in McGahee’s crumbling basket. If “sufficient” is enough they can audition guys off practice squads and at least spell him a little with a different look for defenses. Running backs who can get you 3 are no rarer than sufficient punters. They pulled Lanning out of nowhere.

    – Browns fans and media vacillate predictably in the main skills they demand from their QB, depending on the deficiencies of the deposed guy and with little memory of the past. Mike Phipps had the gun to replace Bill Nelson, who was smart but a virtual cripple. Sipe had the brain and moxie to replace the dullard Phipps. McDonald supposedly had better zip than Sipe (not really, as it turned out), but not much of a game feel. Kosar had both the arm and brain to win, but once beat up the big arm and mobility of Vinny seemed like a better idea. DA had the arm to make all them downfield throws and stretch that defense, but Brady really was a quick study and knew how to avoid those moronic interceptions by reading the D and checking down. And down. And down. Colt didn’t have an arm for the NE Ohio winters, so get a guy who does in Weeden. But dullard Weeden is really Phipps. And so it goes, with no embarrassment that when we say “we need a QB who can do THIS” the “this” was what the previous guy supposedly had.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ WFNYRick

    Nearly everyone has a better running game than the Browns. Except the Ravens, who we just beat and only average 71 yards a game. Plus the Giants, Steelers, Cowboys, Falcons and Jaguars.