While We’re Waiting… Cavs fall under the national spotlight

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Sad state of affairs currently for the Cavs: “The Cavaliers have had more than three years to renovate their house since to make it habitable for a ‘King’ to again occupy. And it still won’t pass any self-respecting appraiser’s inspection. Not after six first-round selections during that span, four in the top-four overall. Not after a coaching change, back to Mike Brown. Not after all the most recent preseason’s hype and hope. Since James left, the Cavaliers are 68-177, including 4-11 this season. This Cavaliers edition doesn’t look any better than the one that went 24-58 last season, or 21-45 the season prior. Worse, their young cornerstones, supposed to rising to the surface by now, are sinking like rocks.” [Ethan Scolnick/Bleacher Report]

It’s pretty terrifying to see how little love Kyrie Irving got in this roundtable about the Eastern Conference’s best point guard. Seems he would have been preferred way over John Wall just a half season ago. [NBA.com Hang Time Blog]

Yikes, difficult to disagree much with our old friend here: “Anderson Varejao has looked like 10 seasons of launching his 31-year-old body all over the NBA hardwood has finally taken its toll throughout these first 15 games. If you can package Varejao in a trade this season to get anything of value in return you’d have to think long and hard about pulling that trigger. He used 10 shots to score 10 points against Miami. He also looked a step behind everyone else on the court if I’m being honest about it.” [Brendan Bowers/Stepien Rules]

This certainly was the best team for our fans in the last 12 months: “It’s Thanksgiving – a day to be grateful and overindulge in the mounds of food placed before you. A day of cornucopias and parades and pilgrims and Indians. Cleveland Indians? Yes, Thanksgiving is a day of football, but, if we’re giving thanks, it’s also a time to be thankful for Cleveland’s favorite team: the Cleveland Indians.” [Laurel Wilder/Did The Tribe Win Last Night?]

Discussing the practicality of Carlos Santana’s third base tyrout: “However, the two mains questions that need to be answered are, ‘How well does Santana need to play third this winter in the Dominican in order to be given serious consideration for the starting third base job?’ and ‘What does this mean for the future of Lonnie Chisenhall?'” [Brian Heise/Wahoos on First]

One of the best Ohio State blogs out there joins its SB Nation rival for a really worthwhile Q&A about Saturday’s edition of The Game. [Maizen Brew]

Will be intrigued to see if this prospect’s status falls at all with his poor last few games: “Teddy Bridgewater is the model of a blue chip quarterbacking prospect. He has punished defenses at every level that he’s played on, and possesses all of the prototypical NFL traits: size, field vision, arm speed, and mobility in the pocket. Despite having the speed to scramble when the pocket collapses, Bridgewater tends to survey the field and make plays with his arm instead of his feet.” [Josh Finney/Dawgs By Nature]

I always enjoy NFL Draft notebooks. Here’s one update on likely the first OSU player taken in April: “Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby is in the 2014 draft class. The junior participated in senior day and is leaving school early. Roby opened the season as the No. 1 cornerback on my board. He’s since dropped slightly, but he has the size and athletic ability to make scouts and general managers fall in love with him between now and May. Roby has first-round ability.” [Matt Miller/Bleacher Report]

Finally, here’s a really detailed article that I thoroughly enjoyed on the continued evolution of everyone’s least favorite blogging site, Bleacher Report (which I’ve linked to twice already in this post): “One of the most notable developments in the online media world came when Turner Sports acquired Bleacher Report in August 2012. The site has made numerous high-profile moves since then, replacing Sports Illustrated as CNN’s sports hub, being promoted on Turner’s various sports broadcasts and making big hires of well-established journalists such as Mike Freeman and Howard Beck. However, there’s still plenty of criticism of it and debate about its place in the sports landscape, and that’s not going to end any time soon.” [Andrew Bucholtz/Awful Announcing]