April 24, 2014

BCS Standings: No. 2 Ohio State ahead of Auburn by .027

bcs rankings 120113Ohio State has jumped to No. 2 in the BCS standings released on Sunday, up by just .027 over the surging No. 3 Auburn Tigers.

OSU was up by nearly .100 over Auburn in last week’s standings. But chaos occurred this week with Auburn’s upset of previous top team Alabama, moving Florida State into a near perfect No. 1 ranking in the standings. The Crimson Tide dropped down to No. 4, just barely ahead of Missouri.

The Tigers of Auburn and Missouri will face off in the SEC Championship on Saturday. Florida State will play No. 20 Duke. OSU will play No. 10 Michigan State, with a win likely enough to clinch a National Championship Game appearance.

It had been up in the air whether Auburn — which holds an 11-1, 7-1 record in the SEC — would perhaps jump the Buckeyes into the driver’s seat for the championship. Their case certainly would be boosted with a win over fellow 11-1 Missouri, although the former Big 12 member is actually a slight favorite for the championship showdown in Atlanta. Auburn’s athletic director has already shared he thinks the the team has a better argument.

In other noteworthy BCS news, Northern Illinois remained at No. 14 ahead of No. 16 UCF. The Huskies of the MAC stay in line for an automatic bid be being in the top 14. They just have to win this week’s MAC Championship game over Bowling Green for a second straight BCS appearance.

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  • architrance

    “BCS Standings: No. 2 Ohio State ahead of Auburn by .027″

    Who cares? #2 is #2. If they all win next week, I don’t see this changing, regardless of how any of the top 3 teams “look.”

  • Rudy

    If Auburn beats #5 Missouri convincingly, they would very likely leap frog Ohio State, no matter how they do against #10 Michigan State.

  • cmm13

    If all 3 win their Championship games then yes; Auburn should jump…..FSU.

  • Bryan

    I thought that was a possibility, but what is interesting is that OSU has a strong advantage over Auburn in the computer polls. OSU should maintain that edge if both teams win, which should give OSU that it needs.

    I thought Auburn would have the computer edge, but they don’t, which makes the leapfrog very hard.

  • Captain Kidd

    Ohio St wins and they are in. Ignore all the noise…

  • http://www.winningfantasyfootball.com/ Phil

    I think what I find troublesome about the entire thing is how perfectly a playoff would work this year to “settle it on the field.”
    Assuming Florida St. and Ohio St. win:
    No. 1 FSU vs. No. 4 Bama
    No. 2 OSU vs No. 3 SEC Champ (Mizzou/Auburn)
    How outstanding would this be?!?!?!? Potential for OSU to have to beat 2 SEC teams to win the national title.

  • mgbode

    Did you enjoy that last minute dynasty-changing moment in the Iron Bowl?

    Realize that it would mean nothing outside of the Bama/Auburn rivalry if the playoff existed this year. It would cause the rest of us to yawn (they would have been guaranteed to be in the field BEFORE the game was played).

  • mgbode

    FSU does have a worse SOS than Ohio State and would not have as good of a win as Michigan State on their schedule.

    I think (based on watching) that FSU has the better team. I think the Buckeyes could beat them, but FSU would and should be favored. However, if analysts are using the SOS argument, then the Bucks would have to get the nod.

  • cmm13

    “based on watching” should be the moniker for the entire BCS era.

  • mgbode

    and the NCAA’s moniker for the era:
    “Only sanction if the money is in the bank”

  • Garry_Owen

    I’m not sure what to think of FSU. Their schedule truly was putrid (and I tend to think that the Big 10 has been massively, massively underrated this year – all due in stupid large part to bowl game performances last year). To see how OSU stumbles, but doesn’t fall, when they get the best of pretty good Big 10 teams makes me wonder what would happen when and if FSU were to get the best from OSU. I like our chances. A lot. That FSU/Clemson game is a real outlier, in my mind (and I think Clemson is probably at best just on par with many Big 10 teams, as the “next best” of the ACC isn’t really all that good).

    And by the way, how much do I love that my “it doesn’t matter!” mantra has been turned entirely on its head? It suddenly matters!

    War Eagle. Go Bucks!