Cleveland Browns Game 16: Winners and Losers



Good grief.

LOSER: Rob Chudzinski. Rob Chudzinski finished the season with a 4-12 record and was fired from the team he grew up rooting for. His dream job turned into a nightmare.

WINNER: Rob Chudzinski. Chud gets to sit back for four years and collect millions of dollars. He can choose to be an assistant coach again somewhere or perhaps go into broadcasting. Maybe he’ll just spend some time with his new baby boy and the rest of the family. I would. Enjoy your paid time off Rob.

LOSER: Fans. Once again the fans of Cleveland are kicked in the nether regions.

WINNER: Josh Gordon. Gordon finished the season with 1,646 yards receiving. That is tops in the league, which a Cleveland Brown has never done. Congrats Josh.

LOSER: Joe Thomas and D’Qwell Jackson. Both captains were surprised by rumors of Chudzinski’s demise and irritated that they had to answer questions about it. Can’t imagine what they are thinking today.

Your turn. Are there any more winners?

  • BuckeyeDawg

    The only real highlight of this whole season in my mind is Josh Gordon. Which means he’s a lock to be traded or to fail a drug test or to turn into a Braylon Edwards style headcase in the next 6 months. As it is unfailingly demonstrated on a regular basis, we clearly aren’t allowed to have nice things as Browns fans.

    Not sure I really want to talk about anything else today…

  • Bob

    I wouldn’t list Josh Gordon as a winner for week 16.
    For the season, no doubt he belongs there. But he wasn’t a factor yesterday.

    Loser: fans. reminded me of the days of yore when the Browns packed it in midway through the 2nd quarter, rather than keep it close into the 4th.

    Winner: Chargers. In heartbreaking fashion too. Pittsburgh can Succop it.

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Winner:The media (and shamrock). The amount of content produced from this sh!t show will take them to the draft.
    Losers: Everybody outside the front office.

  • MrCleaveland

    WINNER: Wild speculation. It’s Debacle Season in BrownsTown again, fans. Enjoy the rumors.

    WINNER: The 4-3 defense. It’s time to rotate defensive systems again and get rid of players who don’t fit the new scheme. Love how the Browns always keep it fresh.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Oooh, I get to use this one AGAIN:

    LOSERS: Us, for believing this year would be different.

    Oh my…

  • B-bo

    Actually, the 4-3 thing? Not a bad idea. We are still a d-line heavy and LB-weak team. If we are now in the business of instant results or else, then Horton doesn’t need to be here anyway. Our roster is built for the 4-3, so let’s go find a DC who can do something with it.

  • Jay

    You could’ve copied & pasted that same post for the last 12 years. So depressing.

  • Wow

    Losers: The front office. Good luck attracting coaches and players after that fiasco.