Counting Down the Worst Cleveland Browns Christmas Gifts – #3

Cleveland Browns Sandwich Maker

When you live in a world with and professional sports, you just know that you’re going to end up with some really bad team branded products. Those products get searched out this time of year as potential presents for giant sports fans, no matter how ludicrous. In fact sometimes the more inane they are, the more likely they’re chosen as gifts. With that in mind, I decided to identify these gifts and open them up for commentary by WFNY writers and alumni.

Without further ado, I bring you the next in this series… “Cleveland Browns Sandwich Maker.”

Cleveland Browns Sandwich Maker

Craig: So, you get a Cleveland Browns sandwich maker that imprints the team’s name on the bread of the sandwich you’re making. Um, yeah, so what’s the ingredients that make up a Cleveland Browns sandwich?

DP: I’m going to channel my inner Spinal Tap: “The review of this was just two words: ‘S*** Sandwich’.”

Denny: Giving someone a sandwich maker is to suggest that they don’t know how to make a sandwich. Giving them a sandwich maker that imprints the name of an awful football team on it is to suggest that such (actual) branding will somehow make their terrible sandwich better. I don’t know how this could be in any way construed as anything but an insult to one’s culinary abilities.

Kirk: It takes your seasonal optimism, your spirit, your passion, and it melts it down like only a Browns product can.

And cheese, it also melts cheese.


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