NBA Trade Rumor: Rockets pausing Omer Asik trade talks

Despite initially setting a deadline of today, the Houston Rockets appear to be postponing their trade talks about center Omer Asik.

ESPN’s Marc Stein and Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski have the latest details this afternoon on the never-ending saga related to Asik’s status in Houston. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been one of the most involved teams, per the ongoing rumor mill.

Both later noted that, of course, the NBA trading deadline is still two months away. That’s why Houston had initially set today’s deadline so involved players could perhaps be packaged again later this season after the required two-month waiting period.

Previous updates from both reporters had Boston and Philadelphia appearing as Asik’s most likely destinations. In one potential three-team trade scenario, the Cavaliers were rumored to be targeting Celtics forward Jeff Green.

With the Cavs now 5-3 in their last eight and playing their best basketball of the season, it’s probably best that these talks are slowing down. I would have recommended for them to not be involved anyway as the Rockets have a hard time finding a suitable taker for Asik.

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  • BenRM

    Not surprising. The Rockets aren’t really in a position to get their asking price for Asik.

  • 240

    Who could have possibly seen the situation ending like it has in Houston? Who? Maybe a smart commenter in Jacob’s The Diff column yesterday! You tank the value of your player you can’t trade them. Very simple.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    It’s definitely nice to see that the new CBA is making GMs (and ultimately owners) smarter about how they spend their money. You promise $15 million for one year of a good-but-not-great center, there should be ramifications for that. That isn’t to say that Darryl Morey isn’t a smart GM… he definitely is. I’m just glad to see we’re not in an era where GMs will grossly overpay in a trade just to get a starting center.

  • cmm13

    NO WAY!

  • Steve

    But it’s not a $15M cap hit, which is what matters a lot more than the actual salary. Backloading the contract was probably the best way to ensure the Bulls didn’t match their offer a few years ago.

  • mgbode

    I think it has as much to do with that $15mil, but you were very correct that they obviously didn’t get their asking price.

    not sure how many people thought they’d completely walk away. they basically promised both Asik & teams in good faith that a deal would be had, now nothing. that cannot sit well with affected teams and obviously Asik.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Gotcha… I didn’t fully understand how that worked out. So Houston was able to split his 25 million up evenly over three years while Chicago would have had to pay him something like 5, 5, and 15? Or basically that’s how it looks when counted against the cap even if it’s not actually paid out that way? And if Asik is traded, it would still be the even split counted against the cap? Crazy.

  • 240

    Should be interested when they put him back into the games now to boost his value. No idea what the Rockets were thinking on this one. Its just bad business 101. I like Morey…but did his head get too big on this one?

  • Steve

    I’m not sure why they do it like this with restricted FAs, but if he signs with a new team, the cap hit is just he AAV of the contract, but if the old team matches, the cap hit is exactly whatever he is paid in each year. He gets paid 5, 5, 15 either way, but the Bulls could have had a much bigger cap penalty that Houston would never see. If he’s traded, it should stay as it is, 8.3 each year, since it already counted 8.3 against Houston’s cap each of the last two years, so only 8.3 is left to be counted this year.

  • woofersus

    Perhaps the rule was meant to prevent cap strapped contenders from signing players to contracts that pay very little in year one and have everything backloaded at the end as a way of getting around the cap? The rockets could afford the 8.3 in year one, so it didn’t matter to them.

  • mgbode

    Possibly. He likes everyone to know that he’s a goto guy on analytics and having an ego can be a bad thing at times.

  • Steve

    That makes sense, though it seems unfair to the Bulls to not get the AAV as well.

  • Steve

    I’d bet he still gets a good deal. Teams will get more desperate as the season goes on. If there wasn’t enough on the table now, then why move him? They don’t need to move Asik as much as other teams need to acquire him.