April 24, 2014

Paul Walker, Cleveland Cavaliers, Twitter etiquette and more with Brian Spaeth – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-10

WFNY Podcast LogoTalking to Brian Spaeth is almost always a good time. I thought maybe this one would be depressing because he’s such a big Paul Walker fan. Still, this felt more like a celebration of Walker than a funeral. We talked about Cavs basketball and other stuff too.

  • Brian Spaeth’s love for Paul Walker
  • Brian’s love for the Fast and Furious films
  • Paul Walker compared to Keanu Reeves
  • What to do with the Fast and Furious movie franchise
  • The Boney trolling podcast and Brian’s response to it
  • AOL Chatrooms and civility online
  • Comedians and snark and freedom and originality
  • The Sound of Music and hate watching stuff
  • Aging out of the snark and negativity
  • Twitter being the specific group of hardcores
  • Enjoying the Browns bye week
  • Brian’s Cavs podcast false-starting
  • Praising Kyrie Irving and needing to be careful about it
  • Is Kyrie Irving the next Stevie Francis
  • Is Dion Waiters the next Vinnie Johnson?
  • Tristan Thompson as John Hot Rod Williams
  • Sitting in awe of TD’s piece about the Browns vs. Bears game
  • Charlie Manson and serial killers
  • Candy Crush addiction and how much money you spent

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  • Barr

    Well, good to see that Brian is back after being kinda petty during the Incognito podcast. I was kinda blown away by how tunnel visioned he was about that subject and after only having a day or two to process the information and before hearing both sides. The way that podcast ended was really almost sad and I wonder when the next podcast would be.

  • swig

    I don’t understand this pay-to-play phenomenon for apps (outside of the fact they obviously work). I’m fine paying $5 for a phone app, or $50 for a console game, but $1 for another life in a fairly simple game? (note: I also don’t find this style of game fun, so I have to picture paying $1 every time the tetris pieces fill up the screen).

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/ Scott @ WFNY

    Loved the quick discussion about the play-by-play Twitter users. I’ll never understand rapid fire tweeting of words that will carry no lasting value. I know there are character limits and such but tweeting “wow” or “great hit” is such a waste that it’s refreshing to step back and realize that it’s a fraction of a fraction who actually does that.

  • http://brian23.com Brian

    I don’t know if I’d agree with petty, but was certainly adamant about my interpretation. In any case, I’m glad you wanted me back haha – the absence had nothing to do with how the last one ended – just timing and being busy. Thanks for listening for sure -

  • http://brian23.com Brian

    Candy Crush is real slick in how they do it – you always get 5 lives, and the first 15 levels are super easy, so that you get addicted. You can get through them without losing any lives (or “plays” – however they term it).

    When it gets harder and you eventually lose your lives, it will give you more for free, but you have to wait 20 minutes. So it’s “pay $1 for 5 more lives now, or wait 20 min”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/milquetoast7 tamara

    Brian, why are you eating food on a podcast.
    am i the only one who hears that clicking/beeping noise.
    but seriously, interesting discussion. i liked that “nobody’s 100% consistent” idea as well, and growing out of snark and negativity.
    live-tweeting sports is crazy annoying. stop the madness. if i wanted to watch the game and get a play-by-play, i’d be watching the game, not reading tweets.

    conclusion: i’m starting an AOL chatroom about hate-watching people playing candy crush.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig Lyndall

    Agreed with Brian. It had to do with eating turkeys and being busy.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Andrew Schnitkey

    The free-to-play model is really taking over the gaming industry, and in some ways I think it’s evil. Especially in some MMOs that people play on PC. It’s evil, but it’s also brilliant. “Oh, you want to craft this sword? Well, you can either play this character for 20 more hours (in-game time) or you can just pay us $10 now.” Evil geniuses.

  • brian

    stop eating during podcasts, it is disgusting