The media, the stadium and the front office – Cleveland Browns Survey Results Part 3


Here’s the final bit of survey data from our Browns fan survey. It’s really a catch-all of the remaining preferences. First up is the Media.


Browns fans seem to be equally indecisive about whether the media is doing a good job. Lots of neutral folks and some on the top and bottom. A vast majority think it’s the same level of coverage as the year prior. Interesting that the people who think coverage has improved outnumber those that think it’s worse. And is it too positive or negative? Most feel it’s been even, but there’s almost an even split between the “too positive” and “too negative” voters.


What do Browns fans feel about the new stadium? It appears that fans kind of like the plan and kind of think it’s fair. Lastly, Browns fans weigh in on the front office.



How are Browns feeling about life in general?



Thanks to everyone who participated. It wasn’t perfectly scientific by any means, but it’s always fun to take the pulse of fans and look around and see what your peers think.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Scheiner is the MVP of the front office!!!!!

  • MrCleaveland

    “Browns fans seem to be equally indecisive about whether the media is doing a good job.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Craigster. Having a neutral opinion as to whether media coverage is good or bad is not being “indecisive.” I for one definitively, adamantly, and vigorously believe that it is neither good nor bad, and I’ll fight any man who says different.

    /Nit picked.

  • LMK

    point for future graphs – use the same multi-color scheme for all (green, yellow, red), and each color is the same positive/somewhat postivite/neutral/etc. I had to keep looking at the legend to figure out what was what. I understand you were using the dark color as most positive, light as negative, but when the color kept changing I had to re-evaluate each time. It was also difficult to discern between 3 and 4 most of the time. Strategically choosing your colors/representations of data is important for clearly and concisely representing the data to your readers.