April 23, 2014

While We’re Waiting… Cavs come close, Mac Brown out at Texas and Bears tickets are pretty available.

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to tips@waitingfornextyear.com. 


I know there’s no moral victory, but man, that they fought back really [moral victory]. “To start the second half, Cleveland took advantage of their primary positional advantage: Tristan Thompson against the undersized power forward duo of Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis.  TT scored eight points in the first four minutes, as the Cavs mounted a 15 to 5 run.  The defense started tightening / the Heat actually missed a few shots, as Miami scored only ten points in the quarter’s first nine minutes, as part of a 16 point quarter.  At the closest, the deficit narrowed to three, and heading into the fourth, Cleveland trailed 80 to 84.

The forward march continued early in the fourth, as a 28-footer by Earl Clark, corner threes by Waiters and Dellavedova, a floater by Jack, and a driving layup by Dion, forced Miami to call two timeouts in the first five minutes of the quarter.   Cleveland led 95 to 91 with a little over seven minutes to go.  Out of the timeout, Wade and Lebron both scored, tying the game at 95.  Dion attacked and scored four though, followed by an Andy free throw, again staking Cleveland to a two point lead.  Unfortunately, Tristan didn’t check back in until a couple minutes left, and regardless of how much we love Dellavedova, a crunch time line-up featuring he and Earl Clark is probably in trouble against the Miami Heat.  In a little over two minutes, the bad guys raced to an 11 to 3 run, eventually escaping with their XXX point win.

A win would have been ridiculously awesome, but in wasn’t meant to be, on the road, playing on a back-to-back against the defending champions.” [Kevin Hetrick/Cavs: The Blog].


I’ve always kinda liked Jay Cutler, even though he acts like an ass. “Head coach Marc Trestman has made two big decisions this year. The first big decision was attempting an overtime field goal on second down from 47 yards against the Vikings a couple of weeks ago, and that backfired. The second big decision? Opting to start Jay Cutler at quarterback this week after the success that Josh McCown has had under center.

McCown has had a resurrection of sorts, throwing 13 touchdowns and 1 interception during his 3-2 stretch as the team’s starting quarterback. He has also played a role in the breakout of young wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. Statistically, Jay Cutler isn’t having as good of a season as McCown, but it is definitely the right move for the Bears to live and die by Cutler, at least for the rest of 2013. This isn’t a quarterback controversy — in fact, it can be seen as a blessing for Chicago, as they know that McCown can step in and deliver should Cutler go down again.

The one concern for the Bears is if Cutler is “rusty” early on, does that kill their playoff hopes? Cutler tried returning a few weeks ago against the Lions, but had his worst outing of the season before sitting out again and rehabbing. Chicago’s defense isn’t good enough to hold opponents to a low score, so Chicago could find themselves down early if Cutler needs time to settle in again.” [Chris Pokrny/Dawgs by Nature].


 Not totally shocked. Have you seen the weather outside?? “This is what happens when a team goes 4-9 and threatens to not win six games for the sixth year in a row. Fans who purchased tickets hoping for a competitive team abandon hope when the temperature is supposed to be in the 20s — especially when the team loses two games in a row during the fourth quarter.

SeatGeek sent out information about the Cleveland Browns ticket situation that shows Browns tickets are at the lowest price since the start of the 2011 season.

While those prices are available in Cleveland, the average price of a Bears ticket on the resale market is $273, Connor Gregoire, a communications analyst for SeatGeek, wrote in an e-mail.

He adds that one-third of the traffic coming for the game to the site is from Chicago, which indicates a fair amount of Bears fans could be in FirstEnergy Stadium.” [Pat McManamon/ESPN].


Such a weird situation at Texas. You best believe you’ll hear Urban Meyer’s name thrown about by a talking head. “[Mac] Brown came under heavy criticism the past few seasons, as the Longhorns finished 5-7 in 2010, 8-5 in ’11 and 9-4 in ’12. Texas lost early-season games to BYU (40-21 on Sept. 7) and Ole Miss (44-23 on Sept. 14) this year before ultimately finishing 8-4. In the Alamo Bowl press conference on Thursday, Brown skirted questions about his future, though he did take a few seconds to address the rumors. He staunchly reaffirmed his job status had not changed.

Brown’s meeting with Powers and Patterson was initially scheduled for Thursday, but it was pushed back to Friday afternoon. Several names (including Alabama coach Nick Saban, Baylor coach Art Briles and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh) have been tossed out as potential replacements for Brown, though nothing definitive has surfaced to date. But Alabama announced that it had reached an extension with Saban on Friday.

Powers said Brown’s decision to step down is a challenging one for the Texas program.” [Martin Rickman/Sports Illustrated].


I keep hearing Carrasco’s name thrown about as a closer option and… I don’t hate it. “Carlos Carrasco is another internal option for the Indians. He pitched well for the Indians in 2010 and 2011 before suffering a season ending injury. He required Tommy John surgery and missed the entire 2012 campaign. He came back in 2013 eager to prove he had what it takes to be a Major League pitcher. He performed poorly in his first two starts of the season, but in his third he showed what he was capable of. He pitched 7.1 innings giving up one run on four hits. He struggled through three more starts before pitching five shutout innings against the Los Angeles Angels. He finished the year pitching mostly out of the bullpen where he found much success. In 14 innings he gave up just two runs and struck out 11.

The last, but certainly not the least, pitcher in the top four internal options is right hander Josh Tomlin. Another pitcher coming off of Tommy John surgery, Tomlin has a solid base of Major League experience behind him. In his first full season as a starter back in 2011, Tomlin lead the Indians with 12 wins and pitched to a 4.25 ERA in 165 innings. The next season he experienced a slump that was apparently caused by a nagging elbow injury. After undergoing Tommy John, Tomlin came back late in 2013 for his Minor League rehab assignments. In eight Minor League starts from the Rookie Leagues through Triple-A, Tomlin pitched 27 innings, striking out 21 and walking zero batters en route to a 1.65 ERA. He did manage to pitch two innings for the Indians at the end of the season without giving up a run. With 54 Major League starts under his belt and a career 23-19 record, Tomlin will definitely vie for a rotation spot in 2014.” [Ronnie Tellalian/Did the Tribe Win Last Night?].

  • whosevelt

    I enjoyed the Cavs game last night, but game after game we see how they literally have three players who can dribble (Irving, Waiters, Jack) one of whom can only do it within ten square feet at the top of the key (Jack).
    How’s this: Varejao to Houston, Asik to Philly, Turner to Cleveland. Who says no?

  • Lunch

    Philly would probably want Kyrie Irving before they are willing to give up Turner. Try again.

  • whosevelt

    There was a report a few days ago that the Sixers “would trade Evan Turner for (Dion Waiters) in a heartbeat,” but it turns out that report was from Bleacher Report. If there’s any truth to the notion that the Sixers are worried that won’t be able to resign him and rebuild at the same time, maybe there’s hope. But I agree that it’s a bit too hopeful.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    I’d honestly rather have Thaddeus Young…where we could use him as our starting SF to have the bigger lineups that Mike Brown likes (and his 35.7% from 3 on the season would help with that pesky spacing problems most of our 3′s cause.) If we go small ball, we can have him fill in as a stretch 4 and he’s still solid for us.

    A starting lineup of Bynum – TT – Young would continue to gobble up rebounds…and add flexibility to how we attack various matchups.

  • Timothy Hartigan

    I was at the game and even Bears fans were surprised how many of them were there.