April 23, 2014

While We’re Waiting… Starring Mathew Dellavedova

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

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“Besides chasing down opposing guards and making fundamentally sound hustle plays all over the court, Dellavedova has demonstrated progress on the three-point shot his coach has asked him to improve. Through Monday, he leads all rookies in three-point percentage at 45.5 percent in 16 appearances.

But Delly has no interest in celebrating the idea of being an undrafted rookie free agent from a mid-major school who is earning minutes in a league nobody thought he could play in. Nor does he have time—at least right now—to formally accept teammate CJ Miles’ Twitter nomination for president, either.” [Bowers/SLAM online]


Food for thought. “23 – Wins by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson in his first two seasons, the most of anybody in the Super Bowl era. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is second with 22 wins, while Dan Marino is third (21).” [Richardson/Shutdown Corner]


“Even though he has played just 11 games for the Browns this season – and may not suit up again this year – it seems like a lock that Willis McGahee will end the year as the team’s leading rusher. McGahee’s current total? Three hundred and seventy-seven yards.

Ray Renfro holds the franchise record for the fewest rushing yards in a season with 352 in 1953, but that comes with a caveat. Renfro only ran the ball 60 times that season and averaged 5.9 yards per rush. Give him 138 carries (McGahee’s number this season) and Renfro would have ended up with 814 rushing yards.” [Red Right 88]


“While we never want to put too much stock into a player (or in this case, players) who’ve yet to play a game or even participate in a practice. However, it’s difficult to not count these two recruitments as major wins for Ohio State and not just because of on-the-field potential, but because the Buckeyes and Urban Meyer went head-to-head with national perceptions about the Big Ten, about Ohio State about the SEC and southern football’s supposed dominance and won. Twice. For the Buckeyes to win the battles on the field, the Buckeyes need to win the battles in the living rooms, and Urban Meyer is doing that. He’s selling the nation’s most talented prospects not on the idea that Ohio State is just a great place to go to school and play football, but that Ohio State is the place to do those things and unseat the southern reign of terror.” [Birmingham/Eleven Warriors]


“The goal, as always, is to acquire more long term assets, whether they be younger players or draft selections. The Cavaliers, for better or worse, are locked into having a maximum contract slot open this offseason, with at least one prominent name in mind. Having the lure of an established star in Kyrie, and a young talented roster is their hope to land a star. However, this doesn’t mean that is their only option. Spending draft night with a mountain of tradeable assets and cap space isn’t the worst place to be.” [Mourton/Fear the Sword]

  • mgbode

    I love the OKC trade idea, but I don’t see why they would consider it. Jeremy Lamb has been exactly what they need off the bench (40% 3pt, 50% FG) and PJIII has shown a ton of promise this year.

    Also, if there is hope for Bennett it is that those 2 guys are extremely talented but were unprepared for the NBA last year and were terrible when given limited opportunities. They are showing their talent much more this season.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    For my money, I am a Delly fan. I celebrate his entire catalog. I remain convinced that if Delly had been guarding Lillard on that last shot rather than Gee, Lillard would have been terrified of the constant motion and pestering, and he would have missed the shot.