Star Wars, Wolf of Wall Street, Cavaliers and more with Brian Spaeth and Ben Cox – WFNY Podcast – 2014-01-09

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WFNY Podcast LogoWhile Denny is still taking care of his adorable baby in her first days, Brian Spaeth (@BrianSpaeth) and Ben Cox (@WFNYBen) stepped up to help out with the Casual Friday podcast. So, naturally we talked about sports and movies.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street discussion with Brian Spaeth and Ben Cox
  • Telling the story of Jordan Belfort as he told it
  • The agent in the subway allowing Belfort to win as a directorial decision
  • All the extra scenes of excess and how that was a device for Scorcese
  • How excited is Ben to see Luol Deng’s first game?
  • How mediocre did the Deng trade just make the Cavaliers
  • The NBA and tanking
  • You can draft anywhere and succeed
  • What’s the success rate of the #1 pick in the NBA draft?
  • What’s the success rate of the #1 pick in the NFL draft?
  • Kevin Costner had no work for a decade and now he can’t stop working
  • Brian takes on Man of Steel again
  • The Superman movie needs to have the Thor tone
  • Was Zack Snyder’s take on Superman worthwhile?
  • What movies does Ben rush out and see?
  • Brian never saw the Alien movies prior to Prometheus
  • American Hustle and how it didn’t quite deliver
  • The Walking Dead as compared to American Hustle
  • Sometimes Craig can be distracted with a pinwheel
  • Kevin Smith and how he makes everyone think he’s their friend
  • The Star Wars prequels and how Brian likes them
  • The less is more model to keep art precious

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  • Brian

    I only like first prequel only the first the other two are atrocious