Video: LeBron James counts Dwyane Wade’s illegal steps

LeBron James, Chris Grant

There’s a GIF (pronounced Jiff) going viral right now where Dwyane Wade catches the basketball and takes seven steps without dribbling. It is kind of sad for the NBA, but funny at the same time. Because this is the modern world and the Internet exists, it is starting to take on even more new lives. This is my favorite iteration so far. Watch as LeBron counts Dwyane Wade’s steps in this video.

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  • Pat Leonard

    Just mind-boggling. Everything looks fine to me up until the last three steps… he takes two steps while securing the ball and then steps twice while his pivot foot is planted. But then he takes a step with his pivot foot. Then another step with the opposite foot. Then another step with the opposite foot. That’s unreal… whatever ref or refs were responsible for watching that play should be fired… i’m not even kidding. That’s amazingly incompetent.

  • gino

    he made a blunder. everyone in nba did before. so who really gives a … besides you’re probably just a hater.