While We’re Waiting… Charting top QB draft prospects

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Phenomenal research here on the top QBs in the 2014 NFL draft class: “Most notable for Bridgewater is the lack of screens incorporated in the offense. Some have said that Bridgewater throws a high quantity of short passes, however the screens a QB normally utilizes have become short throws so that Bridgewater throws 53% of his passes in the 1-10 yard zones.” [Greg Peshek/Roto World]

Harsh words on Ray Horton’s part of the Browns late-season collapse: “Haslam and Banner confirmed that Browns assistant coaches can keep their jobs while the team finds a new head coach who will decide their fates. But perhaps they should have given Horton his walking papers along with Chudzinski. He and his defense are just as much to blame for the Browns’ 4-12 2013 campaign as Chudzinski, if not more so.” [Andrea Hangst/Bleacher Report]

Speaking of tough comments, this is the first I’ve seen from anyone calling for Lombardi’s head. And from a pretty legit writer, too: “The Browns are poised to make a mind-boggling gaffe even before they hire their next coach. They’re prepared to lose Assistant General Manager Ray Farmer and keep General Manager Mike Lombardi. I’m flabbergasted by that possibility because it should be the other way around. I can’t believe the Browns would choose Lombardi over ‘one of the up-and-coming stars in the NFL,’ as Browns CEO Joe Banner described Farmer in September.” [Marla Ridenour/Akron Beacon Journal]

Long article on the Deng-Bynum trade and fertility rates (I know, weird), but it’s generally optimistic for the Cavs: “The way I look at the trade is thus: Cleveland just acquired an immensely solid player that fits perfectly with their long-contract coach’s style and playbook. The player in question is currently having the best season of his career on a cap-friendly expiring deal that neither imperils their summer cap space nor takes minutes from any in-position rookie. Acquiring a player like that is rare. Very rare, actually. Anthony Bennett might lose a few of his struggling out-of-position minutes, but that’s probably for the best when it comes to his future development.” [Aaron McGuire/Gothic Ginobili]

Oh. My. Goodness. Not sure how I had never seen this before, but this video just resurfaced of Cavs Twitter reacting to the Anthony Bennett selection. Spoiler: There’s a Ben Cox sighting. [Jeff Nomina/Instagram]

Extended thoughts on Tuesday’s Buckeyes-Spartan classic: “That game was amazing because — cliché coachspeak alert — both teams were able to overcome their weaknesses with determination and the will to win. Ohio State’s weakness was its inability to score. At this point, I’m convinced that if LaQuinton Ross and Lenzelle Smith don’t combine for at least 35 points in big games, Ohio State can’t win. They just don’t have enough guys who can create offense if those two aren’t hitting. And on Tuesday night, it’s safe to say that those two weren’t hitting. They shot a combined 4-for-18 from the field and scored 15 points, which, you might notice, is considerably less than 35.” [Mark Titus/Grantland]

This certainly isn’t a popular suggestion, but it could make sense: “Asdrubal Cabrera should remain a member of the Cleveland Indians. Not just until the trade deadline, and not just until the end of the season when he hits free agency. No, Asdrubal Cabrera should remain a member of the Cleveland Indians for the foreseeable future. Of course, that means opening up the wallet and signing him to a long-term extension and given the current state of the free agent market that may take more money than any of us yet realize.” [Brian Heise/Wahoos on First]

Just met this guy the other day, so I’ll of course link to his latest super-popular post on the Hall of Fame. His thesis: The secretive ballot leads to fishy voting tactics: “As my gaze moved back and forth between the spreadsheets and the fogged-up bus window, I gradually came to a realization: the writers who made their Hall of Fame ballots public had voted differently than those who kept their choices secret. Not only that, but from my perspective, those who opened up about their picks had voted more correctly than those who remained anonymous. This phenomenon occurred again in 2012, and then again in 2013.” [Lewie Pollis/Baseball Prospectus]

  • nj0

    I don’t think it’s very realistic. Teams value SS more which means more $$$. More $$$ means that it’s in the best interest of ACab to stay at SS. Especially with him entering free agency. We saw the same thing with Jhonny – a reluctance to switch to 3B. I think to force that kind of position change on a player, he can’t have any other choice. Maybe if we had ACab under a long contract and it was “change or ride the pine”, but that’s not the case. If a player can get a job at the more premium position (which ACab will be able to, considering the state of SS around the league), he’s not going to help the club and move.

    That’s just my opinion/perspective.

    But I think that’s beside the point…. what is the point?

    The same catch-22 it always is with us and our guys nearing free agency. For them to stay, they have to suck. If they suck, do we really want them? If they don’t suck, they will demand more in free agency than we can afford. Either way: it’s adios, Asdrubal.

    I guess there is a small chance that everything lines up where he plays well, but not well enough to price himself out of Cleveland. But… not holding my breath on that one.

  • nj0

    Not paying ACab big bucks to be an Indian is optimistic

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I don’t believe everything I read with regards to the second of those articles. One day the Chief will be gone in a puff of smoke just like any playoff hopes! (I couldn’t resist that’s my first of two shots allowed on the day)

  • nj0

    I once thought that. But paying attention to this stuff over the last four or five years, it seems to be the same thing. There’s some minor change and people assume it means Wahoo is being phased out. Then they change things again and he’s back where he always was.

    The block C thing is just a way to sell merch to us bleeding hearts who refuse to wear the chief

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Can’t imagine they would not now.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m to much of a pessimist to believe it. I think over time as more and more of these small changes happen the Indians hope people grow tired and with a poof of smoke the Chief is gone. That and frankly I don’t believe anything the Indians say these days. Even worse with the Browns.

  • nj0

    I am with you on that. I’ve said before, Wahoo only goes away once the customer base no longer cares (or demands it). At that point, it won’t be a brave decision by the organization, but a dollars-and-cents decision. If you’re looking for saints, find a church not a sports franchise.

  • Rudy


  • Rudy

    Whoever it is that the Browns decide to get, you can be sure that Jacksonville will take them.

  • markn95

    Should I make the obligatory crack about the Browns drafting a QB named Fales? Especially if we find out at the Combine that his middle name is “Epic”? :)