Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has “invitation” to visit Browns

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In a long post about the cornerback market, specifically Darrelle Revis, there is a little nugget for Browns fans and the possibility of landing corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Namely, the post says he’s been extended an invitation.

He is in New York talking to the Jets and Giants this weekend and has an invitation to visit the Cleveland Browns. Two of these potential suitors are exciting.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes to play Revis-style man press coverage and sees DRC as a Rodgers Island, if you will. If he goes to Cleveland, he plays opposite cornerback Joe Haden, and the Browns become a team to take seriously.

DRC isn’t Revis or Aquib Talib, but he should be a welcome addition to the Browns defensive backfield opposite Joe Haden. That said, he wouldn’t come cheap. Rodgers-Cromartie is a talented 27-year-old, but based on the deal he turned down in Denver, it appears that it will take more than $10 million in guaranteed money to get him to sign on the dotted line. A team might not have to commit to a bunch of years, but it appears that in the short run, it better be somewhere in that ballpark. Does that mean $15 over two years? Does it mean $18 million? I have no idea, but that’s what DRC is gunning for, I think.

The Browns should be able to afford something like that, even after signing guys like Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner, but it might not be what they want to do. The team has some young corners in Buster Skrine and Leon McFadden as well as 10 draft picks. Meanwhile they also presumably want to put a rich extension in the hot hands of Joe Haden. You have to wonder if that extension becomes more difficult to write for the player and team if they hand out mercenary money to a hired gun – DRC – on the heels of the Darrelle Revis signing in New England and the Aquib Talib signing in Denver.

Maybe the Browns invitation is more of a bargain hunt and, if they can’t get it done, they’ll set their sights on using some draft resources to make their move at corner. Regardless, this is a place that I don’t think the Browns should hold pat. The team was fortunate to get away with not doing more at corner during the 2013 season, but “fortunate” is a tough word to swallow following four wins.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I liked him more in Arizona but he seemed to do alright in Denver. CB is definetly still a NEED position IMO.

  • The_Fake_FourLeafClover

    Sign em up!

    …love ya Sham

  • Blackjeep

    I would love to have him as long as we don’t break the bank. If it means we can’t give Haden the extension he deserves, it’s not worth it.

  • jimkanicki

    this is fishy. broncos had the need at CB, DRC had a great year for them (graded 4th in PFF’s pass cover), and the broncos took talib. yes i sure do know there’s more to rating players than a PFF spreadsheet but: DRC #5 overall among CBs, Talib #58.

    last year when i was doing my FA wish list i strained to build a case for DRC before settling on keenan lewis.

    I was SO trying to build a case for 6-2/4.3/38in vert DRC. I was going to overlook the bad tackling rep; conjure a ‘non-suited to nickel’ bail-out; maybe even lay some blame on having worked wtih Nnamdi and Asante. But there were a lot of ‘DRC = Doesn’t Really Care’ posts in his file. … Dog ex-Eagle defensive backs are things we need less of, not more of. (Sheldon Brown, you’re excluded from that.)

    his size and speed are prototype big CB. he was awesome in AZ and last year w the broncos.

    maybe his agent played poker with elway and lost, but the fact of the broncos passing on him and that this would be his fourth team in five years make me really wary. if pettine vouches for antonio cromartie from their days together at jets, then that’s the move i prefer.