Indians and Verizon partner to roll out new wireless and Wi-Fi network



Say what you want about the product on the field over the last week or so, but the Cleveland Indians are undoubtedly listening to their fans. In an effort to better connect with fans at Progressive Field, the team, in partnership with Verizon Wireless, has announced a roll-out of what their referring to as new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Wi-Fi network.

 These updates aim to offer fans more reliable access to social media applications while allowing them to check in on ever-growing At The Ballpark app while within the confines Progressive Field.

It was just a season ago when the entire city of Cleveland was essentially blacked out in the way of cell signal when 41,000 fans (plus those who were simply downtown) attempted to utilize their mobile devices. As tweets and image uploads on a variety of networks become a larger part of the in-game experience, the Indians obviously saw this free marketing as an opportunity worth addressing.

“This implementation will significantly enhance fans’ digital experience at the ballpark by making social media and their favorite apps more easily accessible, as well as completing common functions like making a call or sending an email or text,” said Neil Weiss, the Indians Senior Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer via press release. At the Ballpark personalizes fans’ trips with mobile check-in, social media, offers, rewards and exclusive content. It comes complete with concourse maps, food and drink menus, player entrance music info (with the ability to purchase songs on iTunes), and seat upgrade functionality. The Indians plan to offer exclusive deals to those who utilize the application. Getcha smartphones ready.

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  • dwhit110

    Cincinnati had the same issues with a virtual blackout over opening day this year. I work downtown and couldn’t do a thing with my phone for a few hours. Nice to see the Indians making steps to fix the infrastructure.

  • Natedawg86

    They have this in Philly:

    The food-ordering technology, which is being used at a Major League ballpark for the first time, allows the application to verify a fan is within the stadium and then choose from a number of pre-selected meals in the pilot program. Fans can make their purchase with a credit card, and after providing their seat information, their food order will be delivered. The plan is for delivery in 30 minutes or less. But in limited tests, the actual time has been closer to half that.

    the only place I have seen it. Have to capitalize on human laziness

  • vespo09

    They have the food ordering at Nationals games in DC, too. It’s alright – the prices aren’t great, it’s not that fast and they mess up the orders too often. It does work well with large groups though, rather than one person trying to carry too much food.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Alright the uptick in attendance should be by about a 1,000 a game now!


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Darn someone actually implemented that idea? I had it about 3-4 years ago.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Browns fans don’t read this only way you see it is if you pass Issue 7!