Terrell Pryor to be cut or traded by Raiders

Terrelle Pryor Ohio State Sugar Bowl

Terrelle Pryor Ohio State Sugar Bowl

Former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrell Pryor didn’t have an awful year last year, but he apparently isn’t going to be a part of the future in Oakland. It certainly sounds like if you’re a bettor that you should probably assume he’ll get cut.

It seems unlikely that anyone would trade for Pryor when the word is out that he’s about to be cut. Then again, he did show flashes of promise last season, and he’s only due a salary of $750,000 this year, so it’s possible that some team might think he’s worth a seventh-round pick.

I certainly don’t think this is the kind of thing that the Browns should pursue, but you never know where Ray Farmer and company might think to look for a backup to replace Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden. Terrell Pryor might not excite Browns fans, but in a field that includes Rex Grossman, it’s probably not the worst idea ever.

Pryor’s highlights from last year were mostly plays he made running the ball, but he did have two games where he had a QB rating over 100. He also had two games with over 100 yards rushing.

  • jewpants47

    Terrell Pryor to be cut or traded by Raiders” …because he’s a bad QB

  • Kenny_Chill

    I know this is not a popular opinion on this blog, but I really want to see Johnny Football join the Raiders. No matter how he turns out, boom or bust, his act would fit in there perfectly.

    I’m also of the opinion no QB is strong enough to drop the #4 pick on. The Browns wouldn’t hurt themselves by drafting the best athlete possible.

  • Kildawg

    If the Raiders are going to cut him… pass. The operative word is cut, not leaving as a FA. Only thing worse than being cut by the Raiders is being cut by the Jaguars…

  • RGB

    That’s a very popular opinion here.
    Because that means he won’t be a Brown.

  • Frank Oswald

    A bad QB…..he would be a perfect fit for the Browns

  • Harv 21

    was gonna snark some Ohio Essence Browns Karma but … just can’t. Cannot remember even the weirdest commenters who think every Buckeye player is a future pro bowler claiming Pryor was going to be anything but this.

  • Robbie

    Pryor was amazing last year!…

    For my fantasy team.

  • RGB

    Didn’t you know that a Browns team laden with buckeyes would be INVINCIBLE?

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    to my eye, terrell pryor looked very good in last year’s raiders pre-season and their matt flynn signing created just the sort of instability that never works out well. when i say very good, i mean he was passing accurately and with confidence, not looking to run. (trust me, i was surprised at the time and did double and triple takes.) however when he does run, you forget how big and fast he is; he’s a dominator even against nfl competition.

    i think pryor would be a very smart buy-low acquisition. terrific value, still a high ceiling.

  • Garry_Owen

    I agree. He’s better than Weeden and Campbell. Combined. Why not?
    Particularly considering that I don’t see a QB in this draft worth drafting (high, anyway), I’d be in favor of taking a chance. Of course, that means not having Tanney (assuming we draft a QB), so, there’s that huge problem . . .

  • eldaveablo

    I thought the same thing – I was surprised at how good he looked in the pocket last year. I’m not an Ohio State guy, so I regularly roll my eyes when people think Buckeyes are always the answer for the Browns. That said, I don’t see him as “the answer” at QB, but I would much rather have him than the Youtube trick shot guy the Browns have now.

  • TP

    Bravo Jimkanicki – I expected everyone to comment how we shouldn’t touch him with a 39.5 foot pole.

    This is exactly the kind of guy we should sign as our 3rd string QB. He has potential galore and I think Shannahan would work well with him. Give it a shot!

  • Garry_Owen

    As an Ohio State guy (but one that I like to think is somewhat rational), I am as familiar with Pryor’s flaws as I am his pretty incredible talent. His major flaw is clearly his . . . trying to be delicate . . . mental approach. But even so, I think his development over the last 3 years has been pretty impressive. He came into the NFL far too young, and certainly didn’t land in a great place. Still, as you say, he’s shown some growth as a passer. He’s obviously always had that ability, but he never had a real opportunity to develop it in college.

    That for me is the saddest thing about the “tattoogate-apalooza” – apart from the fact that the kid got railroaded out of the NCAA for trading his own property for tattoos when he was freaking 18-years old – and, you know, thereby completely destroying on-field competition and the august integrity of the NCAA and OSU athletics (stupid “shift/sarc” function on my internet machine is broken). He really could have used that final year at OSU to work on his passing skills, which is what the coaching staff was going to focus on.

    All in all, I’d say he’s done pretty well despite less-than-favorable circumstances. In my mind, he’s a no-brainer for 3rd string QB, particularly given the other options, Shanahan’s history with a bunch of diversely-skilled QBs, and the possibilty that he might simply be cut by the Raiders.