The Browns could have been trading with the Jets in Draft Day movie

Draft Day

Draft DayI’m not spoiling Draft Day when I say that it involves some wheeling and dealing for draft picks in and around the NFL Draft. I’m also not spoiling anything when I say that the Seattle Seahawks were the trade partner with Kevin Costner and the Browns regarding a presumed number one draft pick quarterback. What I found out today, though, is that originally the Browns were supposed to be fictionally trading with the New York Jets instead of the Seattle Seahawks.

“They were having something of a quarterback dispute, and the team said that this is just going to incite our fans a little more to criticize us, even though it’s all fictional,” director Ivan Reitman said.

So let me get this straight. The team that continually gets booed live and in person every single year no matter who they draft has a thin skin about how a fictional movie about the NFL draft could impact real world criticism of their team? Seems a little bit thin-skinned for a group of professionals who work in the NFL.

Then again, I don’t know what I’d be like if I had to go through this kind of reaction every time I did anything at my job. See how Radio City Music Hall reacted to the Jets trading up with the Browns and subsequently drafting Mark Sanchez.

Gotta love the Mike Mayock quote on the broadcast too. “We don’t yet know what they (the Jets) gave up to get here, but I’m pretty much willing to bet ultimately it’s going to be worth it.” Well, the Browns just signed Alex Mack to a new deal and the Jets cut Mark Sanchez. What do you think now Mr. Mayock?

  • DPatton

    Apparently, not many Browns fans liked the moves either…

  • mgbode

    Love the dig on Mayock at the end. Funny stuff (and I generally like Mayock, but it was still funny).

  • Garry_Owen

    paulbip nailed it, though.

  • Kildawg

    At least the Browns aren’t the biggest mess in the NFL right now. Jacksonville, both New York teams (although they play in New Jersey), the Redskins, and Oakland are clearly bigger messes. At least Houston is rebuilding.

  • arnold_palmer

    Interesting considering recent events.