Trevor Bauer could be in line for first start of 2014

Trevor Bauer

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With Monday’s game against the San Diego Padres washed out by Mother Nature, Tribe pitching prospect Trevor Bauer could be in line for his first start of 2014 when the two teams lock up in a traditional double-header on Wednesday. Zach McAllister (who wound up with a no-decision last week) is scheduled to start one of the games of the doubleheader, with the Indians expected to promote a pitcher from Columbus to start the other. Bauer, who fresh off of a two-hit gem late last week, would be in line to take the bump.

In his debut for the Clippers, the heady Bauer frequently saw his fastball settle in around 95 miles-per-hour, fanning nine and walking just two in six innings of work. The kid’s struggles are well-documented, but at just 23 years old, things may finally be clicking for the former highly touted prospect.

The Indians could certainly use some clarity at the bottom of the rotation as Carlos Carrasco was anything but solid in his 2014 debut this past weekend. Similarly, Josh Tomlin had a debut to forget, allowing five hits and four earned runs (walking three) in just six innings in a loss to Indianapolis.

  • mgbode

    As (I believe) Bauer’s biggest fan outside his friends & family, this news has me excited.

  • Steve

    Ed Carroll will give you a fight for that title, but yes, very exciting.

    I’m all for giving Bauer, and Carrasco for the same reasons, at least a few major league starts. This team needs these guys to turn into major league starters. Put their feet to the fire and see if they can respond.

  • gct

    I’m a huge Bauer fan. You’re not alone. :)

  • saggy

    I thought Kluber was starting?

  • Steve

    From Baseball Prospectus today – MLB front offices absolutely love Lindor.

  • Kildawg

    Kluber is starting tonight. Question is who starts the second half of the twin bill tomorrow; boils down to Bauer or Tomlin. Bauer has more potential by far, but Tomlin has a more established track record (albeit one as a back of the rotation guy that will gut out at least 5 innings per start).

  • markn95

    OK, let’s start the conversation. Francisco Lindor is the Indians’ best position player prospect since…Jason Kipnis? Grady Sizemore? Manny Ramirez?

    The neat thing about Lindor as a prospect is that his best tool is his defense. It’s said that defense doesn’t go into slumps; the other good thing about it is that it translates to the next level better than any other tool. Pitching prospects struggle to adjust to MLB hitters and hitting prospects struggle to adjust against MLB pitching. But defense seems to be there from day one. The grounders may be a bit sharper and the guys breaking up double plays may be a little bigger, faster, and stronger in the majors, but Lindor’s reflexes, reaction time, and athleticism will come with him from Akron or Columbus.

  • Steve

    Since Carlos Santana, who one day may get the respect he deserves by this fanbase.

    And almost completely agree with the part about the defense. I just wouldn’t say it doesn’t slump. A guy could have a day or week where he’s just not reacting to the ball as quick as usual, just like at the plate. Our samples of defensive plays for just one position, even at shortstop, can be just too small to pick up something like that. But yes, I’d say defense translates well. As well as Lindor’s 1A tool, which at this point I would hesitate to even put behind his defense – his plate discipline. Dude has an understanding of the strike zone like a 10 year vet.

  • mgbode

    good thing Asdrubal still has 2 years to get that understanding