2014 NFL Draft: Scott Raab talks Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon and the Sin Tax – WFNY Podcast – 2014-05-10

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WFNY Podcast LogoA lot of people asked for it, and I got the fateful text last week that said Scott was ready and had something to say!

In all seriousness, I loved talking to Scott Raab every week and I love talking to him whenever I get the chance to now. With the Johnny Manziel draft pick and the Josh Gordon rumors that cropped up, there was little doubt that he and I would get together on the phone and talk about the Cleveland sports news of the moment.

We also found time to talk about the Sin Tax and Chief Wahoo briefly.

Check out this episode!

  • Fox Lechner

    Graig, I really like your stuff and love listening to all of your podcasts. I love listening to diy home improvement podcasts, listening what your fav pj album is, how it felt for your buddy to become a dad – but I will not listen to Raab anymore. Every podcast you introduce the guy and than he steamrolls you and every fan that has a different opinion. He never lets you finish an argument – or even a sentence for that matter. He rants for about 85% of the podcast how stupid the fans, the FO, the media is. He appears to be a very depressed old man. Apologies – but I will skip the Raab Podcasts in the future. Thanks and all the best from Germany. Go BROWNS!

  • Tron

    Yea I agree with Fox. This guy is inconsiderate and I think you deserve to be spoken to with more respect Craig.

  • dimoko

    Raab has all of these theories and dis-trust of the Owner, the FO, The coach, but accuses fans of wearing “tin foil hats”

    Sorry man, Raab is off his rocker. I understand he is a “famous” guest, but man…

  • mddawg

    On this occasion I have to disagree with Scott Raab’s opinion. A f***d up draft would merit a D or F. But using his own metric the national consensus of people who do this for a living is the Browns’ draft grade ranges from A to B-.
    Based on the players drafted and obtained in free agency this team is going to rely heavily on the ground and pound style of offense with a stout defense not the 45 pass attempts/game of the previous regime. In that light receivers become less important, not to say it wouldn’t be great to have Gordon on the field but this offense doesn’t rely on elite receivers to succeed.
    Getting a top ten ranked player in Manziel, a top ranked corner plus extra 1st and 4th round picks is a phenomenal achievement when most people would have been happy with Manziel picked at 4.
    Personally I was a Bridgewater guy but we’ll see how this works out with Manziel. The way the team is being constructed should suit his strengths.

    Finally with Watkins does Raab know he was busted for pot in college?
    If we’d drafted him the national narrative would be we replaced one
    pothead with another; dumb Browns.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Craig Lyndall

    When Raab goes off on sports stuff or makes fun of my opinion, that’s just sports. That’s what I used to do with my friends all day every day in college. In a weird way, I am honored that Scott finds my opinions worthy of blasting. I take no offense to that stuff.

    I love talking to Raab because he has a different perspective and plus the way he talked about his son really did have me hysterical. I had to try to compose myself. He’s a great storyteller.

    So don’t worry about me and my feelings. That’s how sports debates and conversations go. I love it.

  • Peter Briggs

    Craig — Being a contrarian and taking different sides to arguments can be interesting at times, however listening Raab yell and take opposite sides ALL the time is just annoying and frustrating to listen to….

  • DHisGood

    I’ve got to agree with everyone else, Craig. This podcast was pretty much unlistenable. Not only would he not let you finish any points, he basically wouldn’t let himself finish any points. He was like a badly prepared caller to an AM radio show. I used to enjoy Raab’s writing, but it’s clear he’s basically just a bitter old man at this point. I won’t be listening to any more of his appearances on the podcast.

  • Schmoker

    Like a breath of fresh, crabby air. I really missed these talks. They are cathartic, is what they are. I don’t care if he’s the grumpy old man, because there are a dearth of grumpy old men in this town. A dearth of grumpy old women, too. And so right here is the only place to get this type of no BS perspective. Yeah, he might shade a tad too much into the negative at times, in that sometimes I think he assumes negatives that even I do not see, but I really find that to be the exception and the not the rule. For the most part, he’s spot on, which means he is actually being realistic rather than negative.

    And because Cleveland sports is a world of negatives with a long history of negatives informing it, and because it’s so sickening to listen to the yakkers who are either Pollyannas or are flat out on their knees for the local teams, I simply cannot listen to anyone else any longer. I can only listen to Raab. So I sure hope we get him more regularly in the future.

  • dimoko

    that was true, he interrupted himself a lot and went on tangents.

  • dimoko

    Whatever you do, don’t get “booms”

  • mddawg

    I kind of agree, in all fairness he was right about Banner and Lombardi. Let’s hope his prediction of Haslam’s demise is incorrect.

  • Schmoker

    I wasn’t criticizing him. I agreed with him 100% on Banner and Lombardi. And I agree with him on Haslam, who makes Art Modell look like Mother Theresa. The guy is a criminal at best, and a monster at worst. My only hope is his demise comes quickly.