Canton among cities that have applied to host NFL Draft

hall of fame canton

In the recent Draft Day movie, for all of its known quirks, my favorite guffaw might have been the mention of Canton in the early goings. The movie erroneously said “Canton is just 20 miles from Cleveland.” That’s just not true. It’s 60 miles. Maybe 50 to the Hall of Fame.

But, despite that factual error, this actually might be true: Rumors are indicating that Canton (!) is one of several cities that have applied to host the three-day spectacle of the NFL Draft in the future. The report appears to be from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, on the Rich Eisen podcast this week, stated that Chicago and Los Angeles were interested in potentially hosting in the future. Previously, there had been murmurs about maybe splitting each day to different locations, although that might be a bit too much.

This year, the draft is a couple weeks later than usual. One of the given reasons for that was a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall, the usual host of the festivities.

Certainly, Browns fans and all NFL fans in Ohio would be ecstatic to have the draft so close. It’s always been a lifelong goal of mine to attend the draft. I’d assume we’ll continue to hear more about this in the months to come.

More details are now coming in from the Cleveland media, as you can see below.


  • Steve_Not_Chad

    So many super fans scurrying around Stark County, like cockroaches.

  • RGB

    I think they should hold in the city of the team that holds the #1 pick.

  • RGB
  • MrCleaveland

    Orlando? Seriously?

    Gotta be Canton, the Rubber City. Just 20 miles down the road from Browns Town.

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Oh, I’m born and bred.

  • Harv 21

    When I foist hoid this I says to myself, I says heh-heh yeah right. Put a big time event in some boonie in Ohio that no football fan could eveh find. The I’m thinkin’ and it occois to me hey, Goodell hates Jets fans. Screw ya, Goodell, ya Connecticut woosie! Me and my boys will put on our Keyshawn jerseys anyway and sit right outside your office and scream every time the Jets are on the clock.

  • WFNYRick

    I would be beyond stunned if the NFL held the draft in Canton.

  • mgbode

    T-shirt: we were the worst team in football and all we got was to play host for the draft.

  • Slippery Cripple

    As much as I would love for the draft to be held in my home town, I was reading an article on espn about how all the prospects visit all these sites in New York in the days before the draft.

    After a 2 hour visit to the Hallowed Pro Football Hall of Fame, what else would they do for the next 46 hours?