Indians history books, retread NBA coaches… While We’re Waiting

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History in Canada: The Indians had an insane offensive explosion last night in Toronto. TD will have WFNY’s recap at 10am. But for now, let’s focus on this mind-blowing fact: The Indians had two players with five hits for the first time in the same 9-inning game since 1928. Amazing.

David Murphy had three doubles, two singles and five RBI. He broke out of a 1-for-15 slump with that performance. Lonnie Chisenhall had one double and four singles. He’s now batting .361/.418/.470 in 87 plate appearances. Oh and the rest of the team collected 12 more hits too. I love any kind of 15-run victory; but I also love it a bit more coming at the Rogers Centre.

Stop with the retreads: This week, I stumbled upon an article from Jared Dubin at Grantland last summer. The title was “The Definition of Insanity: Why It’s Time to Move Away From Retread NBA Head Coaches.” Per the numbers, first-time head coaches had better winning percentages during the course of their tenure than retreads.

It’s simple, really. We don’t know what makes a good NBA head coach. How in the world did Jeff Hornacek do so well with no prior experience?! But we do know that certain coaches burned out and didn’t succeed in previous stints, whether that be from a disagreement with upper management or an unsatisfactory record.

Personally, I’m just not really interested in the Lionel Hollins, Vinnie Del Negro route. As I shared with a number of Cavs Twitter friends on Tuesday: I’m more interested in getting a new Cavs coach that is 100% on the same page as GM David Griffin. In other words, the exact opposite of the Mark Jackson situation in Golden State.

Get me a company man. Get me someone who also believes in up-tempo basketball and three-pointers. Yes, get me someone that plays a more exciting style of basketball, because I do believe that’s a market inefficiency. But most importantly, get me someone that will work with Griffin. He’s the man in charge.

Ohio sports news roundup: Sports Illustrated’s Martin Rickman (a good friend of the site) wrote about new Cincinnati QB Gunner Kiel, the famous former Notre Dame commit.’s Jake Seiner mentioned red-hot Clippers third baseman Giovanny Urshela in a stock watch article. Eleven Warriors’ Kyle Rowland wrote about questions that new Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel now faces.

Songs of the week: It’s not often that I discuss things other than Cleveland sports … or numbers … or media … or my favorite tweets. So today, I’ll share a handful of the songs I’m listening to right now. Enjoy.

For diehard readers (and friends) of mine, you might recall that I did a Music Video of the Day project back in early 2011. You can still view the remnants of that project at my since-abandoned Tumblr.

Tweets of the week: As usual, no rhyme or reason to these tweets. Just some of my favorites from the past seven days.

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    In other Ohio sports news, no one was fired in Cleveland yesterday.

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    that’s been reported yet

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    Or maybe Doc Brown will be taking The Turk for a spin in the DeLorean.