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Hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Weekend. I spent most of mine with family enjoying copious amounts of food cooked on a grill. Other than watching a bit of the NBA Playoff games, I really didn’t see too much sports news this weekend and I didn’t get back into town until later last night, so this is going to be a shorter than normal WWW for me. I guess it’s better to just sort of ease back into things anyway, no? Let’s get started.


Oh, the outrage!

One story I did catch was this rather laughable (in my opinion) piece from FOX Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson in which he questions Manziel for partying in Vegas on his off days. This is nothing against Zac, who is normally pretty great, but come on. The Browns drafted Johnny Manziel in totality. You can’t just draft someone for their football skills and ask them to not bring their personality. It’s all the same person. Manziel likes the spotlight, he likes to party. That’s not going to change. But is it hurting him as a football player?

I’d probably like to see some evidence that it’s hurting him as a player before I would climb up on a soapbox and tell someone else how they should live their lives. The fact is, the Browns players had a free weekend. This didn’t happen during OTA sessions when he should be preparing for practice the next day. The whole point of an off weekend is to give players some time to get away and blow off some steam.

This is a young, exciting player who will be Cleveland’s biggest star if his on-field play lives up to his off-field persona. He’s going to party, and he’s going to do it very publicly. Texas A&M fans know all about it. It’s part of the deal. Cleveland fans and media always seem to have a very strict, unforgiving “right way to do things” mentality when it comes to this kind of stuff. I wish everyone would learn to loosen up a bit and let Cleveland athletes be themselves and have some fun.

If Manziel starts doing stuff like this on the Friday or Saturday night before a game, then we have something worth writing about and questioning. But telling athletes how we think they should spend their free time away from the team is a path I’m just not comfortable with whatsoever. I think WFNY will have more on this later today, so I’ll stop now so as not to step on anyone’s toes.


Time to get serious about finding a Cavs coach

Well, after spending a couple weeks chasing down pipe dream candidates and big name college coaches who, of course, aren’t going to risk their cozy college jobs to come coach for a dysfunctional-until-proven-otherwise NBA team, the Cavaliers are finally getting serious and settling on some second tier choices.

According to Sam Amico, over the next two weeks the Cavaliers have a few interviews lined up. Some of the names include Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue, Bulls assistant Adrian Griffin, Clippers assistant Alvin Gentry, and former head coaches Vinny Del Negro and Lionel Hollins. How fun!

I don’t know who I’m pulling for out of that lot. Probably Adrian Griffin, I guess. None of them really wow me too much. But as I’ve been saying all along, when you fire a coach after one year, there are going to be consequences. It doesn’t matter the reason why the coach was fired (unless, you know, he murdered someone or slept with the owner’s wife or something like that), it simply says too much negatively about the franchise. It speaks to a level of dysfunction and Dan Gilbert’s growing reputation as a meddlesome owner isn’t helping matters either.

I’m excited about David Griffin and the #1 pick and seeing how all of this is going to come together. But I’m a fan. I’m conditioned to always look on the bright side when it comes to the Cavaliers. A neutral coaching candidate who is primarily concerned about his own career and well-being will see things a little differently. Especially when he starts asking around and looking into the organization’s structural issues.

Still, there are only 30 NBA head coaching jobs. Like Mike Pettine, someone will be willing to risk it to have a shot and be one of only 30 people in the world to call themselves an NBA head coach. The task for David Griffin and Dan Gilbert is to find the best candidate who is willing to accept the job.


A little early listening on this Tuesday morning

The Tuesday after Memorial Weekend is typically a pretty slow day for new music releases. Most bands don’t want to be lost in the post-cookout post-sun post-hangover haze of this day. So rather than talking about music coming out this week, I’ll instead point to music coming out next week.

Specifically, at Pitchfork Advance, you can now stream the new album “Glass Boys” from eclectic Toronto punk band F*cked Up1. Just as I was dying to see how Titus Andronicus would follow up their epic concept album “The Monitor”, I’ve been dying to see how F*cked Up would follow up their epic rock opera “David Comes to Life”. Much like Titus Andronicus, F*cked Up have chosen a back-to-basics approach. And like Titus Andronicus’ “Local Business”, “Glass Boys” really works as a follow up because of it’s return to the norm.

One of the biggest problems I had with Green Day is that they never knew how to come back from “American Idiot”. They’ve continued to try to get more and more grandiose, and they lost themselves along the way. “Glass Boys” is an anchor album, keeping the band’s feet tied to the ground. While the complexity of the guitar arrangements remain in tact, the song structures and themes are much more grounded and akin to their breakout album “The Chemistry of Common Life”.

“Glass Boys” comes out June 3rd and you can pre-order the album from Matador Records here.

Have a great four-day week back at work/school/life everyone!

  1. I really, really hate censoring band names, but we do have a family-friendly policy at WFNY and so the censored name is what we have to use []