Love Reign O’er Me, While We’re Waiting

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All you need is Love

In Kirk Lammers’ report yesterday on WFNY regarding Tristan Thompson’s status on the trading block, there was a part at the end about the Cavaliers making a run at Kevin Love. Now, granted, if the Cavaliers could somehow pull off a trade for Kevin Love, it would completely change everything about this team.

The Cavaliers haven’t had a consistent, reliable offensive player at the PF position since the days of Larry Nance (I wouldn’t use the words consistent or reliable for likes of Antawn Jamison or Shawn Kemp, the best offensive PFs the Cavs have had since Nance). Cavs fans have been conditioned to forget just how important and effective a frontcourt scoring option at the 4 is for team offense.

But are the Cavaliers really players for Love? Probably not. For one thing, Love wants to play in a big market or a marquee team. That isn’t the Cleveland Cavaliers. While I would still trade for Love and hope for the best when he’s a free agent next year, the Cavaliers might not see that as the best strategy. But what shows Kyrie Irving a commitment to winning more…trading for a 26 ppg and 12 rpg All-Star PF, or adding yet another draft pick and waiting for him to develop? I think the Cavaliers should go for it. Do whatever it takes to get Kevin Love, and see what happens when you pair two of the best players at their position in the NBA. If it doesn’t work and you lose both of them, then I tend to agree with WFNY’s Ben Cox:

Players like Kevin Love so rarely become available via trade. If the Cavaliers aren’t interested in pursuing a player like Love when he actually is available and the Timberwolves are open to trading him, then I’m not sure what the point of having a team is. The odds are slim of actually getting him1, but at least take a stab at it and try. If Minnesota and/or Love say no, then so be it.

When this franchise had LeBron James, they never did anything to add a real, legit 2nd All-Star to play beside LeBron, and it cost the team any chance of keeping LeBron. He left to go play with other good players. This feels like history frustratingly repeating itself all over again. The Cavaliers have spent three years of roster mismanagement with Kyrie Irving and haven’t come close to giving him another star quality player2. If there’s a chance to actually give Kyrie Irving this kind of teammate, I think the Cavaliers should do it.

I mean, come on, tell me this wouldn’t be fun:


On the other hand, what are the chances the Cavaliers can get a superstar sidekick in the lottery?

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight, and obviously whatever happens will play a huge part in the Cavs’ offseason. I really think the Cavaliers are going to trade their first round pick this year or die trying. This roster is so insanely young and I don’t feel that adding more inexperienced youth that needs to develop is going to exactly help the Cavaliers.

But what if they get into the top 3? If that happens, they could still trade the pick. But in that case I don’t know if they would trade it for an expiring player like Love without an agreement on a contract extension first. But there could be some really good players still under contract who could get moved for a top 3 pick in this year’s draft. But even if they don’t trade it, a pretty good player can be had in the top 3 if they just keep it.

But alas, the Cavaliers don’t have very good odds. To demonstrate this point, I decided to open ESPN’s Lottery Machine and play the lottery just one time to see what would happen. Well, this happened:

nba draft lottery 2014

Hey, we can still dream, right?


Are you all scared of the vengeful retribution of Greg Little?

So Mr Little was picked up by the Oakland Raiders and he’s going to get his revenge on the Browns for cutting a player who saw his catches and yards decline every single year all while supplying the team with a frustrating amount of dropped passes? Well, ok then.

Look, it’s only natural for humans to want to stick it to the people who don’t believe in us. I can’t hold that against Little. But I also can’t sit here and pretend like the team wronged him somehow. They gave him three years to improve, and by all accounts he certainly tried. I’ll never question his work ethic. But he simply wasn’t good enough to be an NFL receiver, even on a team that desperately needs them.


When will the bass drop?

This weekend was the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and former cast member Andy Samberg was back to host it. Samberg, known for his hilarious and often non-sequitur Digital Shorts, made a new one which was absolutely one of his best ever:

I get why people listen to EDM and Dubstep music. I sometimes enjoy listening to it when playing video games. But I’ve never really understood the “live” performances of it. Anyway, Samberg does a pretty good job of poking fun at some of the funnier aspects of Dubstep.


If you’re not watching “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, you’re missing out

When HBO announced they were giving John Oliver a weekly half hour news show, I think most people expected a Daily Show ripoff. To a degree, they were right. Oliver’s show does closely resemble John Stewart’s enterprise.

Yet there’s something different about Oliver’s style. I’m probably about to get crucified as a Stewart heretic, but I actually prefer Oliver’s approach to skewering the news and the people and organizations behind the scandals. While I think John Stewart is absolutely hilarious, there’s just something about his holier-than-thou smugness that feels heavy handed to me. Oliver isn’t any more forgiving with his targets, but he doesn’t it in a manner that focuses more on the humor and less on coming across like a sermon.

Plus, Oliver has another huge advantage: HBO. Being on the cable subscription service, Oliver is free to say, do, or show whatever he wants. There are no corporate sponsors to worry about offending and there are no censors to appease. He can literally say and show whatever he wants. It makes the show feel a little more free. Plus, by being a weekly show, Oliver doesn’t have the pressure of delivering every single night like Stewart does.

But I don’t want to pit the shows against each other. They are both great and they both have their place. I think the country is a funnier and more educated place because of these shows. So, ripoff or not, Last Week Tonight is an absolute riot and one of the things I most look forward to watching every week.


Finally, the album of the week:

Yesterday in Scott’s edition of WWW he mentioned The Roots’ new album. It was officially released this week and it’s a great listen.

But I’m going to go in a different direction for this week’s new album of the week. I’m going to give it to yet another Cleveland band, and it’s Herzog’s incredible new album titled “Boys”. It’s straight forward rock, the type of rock that Cleveland does best. This is a really great listen from start to finish and yet another band showcasing that Cleveland is still a city producing some really great rock music.

You can read Pitchfork’s review here and listen to the album below:

  1. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburn and Marc Stein say Love prefers the Warriors and Bulls, while Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski is saying to keep an eye on the Celtics. Nobody is mentioning the Cavaliers as a possible destination []
  2. Luol Deng is close, and I can’t hold his ineptitude on the court against Chris Grant…how was he or anyone to know Deng would play as poorly for the Cavaliers as he did? []
  • Lunch

    So David is representing the Cavs this year, and not Nick? They’ll get the 9th pick. Confirmed!!

  • Scott @ WFNY

    Love the Samberg shorts. They (Lonely Island) recently released a song with Pharell as well which is pretty good.

    Agreed on the John Oliver stuff. He had Bill Nye on last week and it was all kinds of terrific.

  • architrance

    Absolutely go all in for Love. I think I read the Cavs have a 7%

    chance of moving into the top 3, a 12% chance of falling to 10-12 and an 81% chance of picking 9th. This lottery system is so messed up, but I’ll take those odds!

  • BenRM

    When sites are reporting the Raiders have signed the worst WR in the NFL, I don’t think anyone has to worry about Little.

  • boomhauertjs

    I trade anyone not named Kyrie for Love, even if he won’t agree to an extension. It’s the only realistic shot at getting Lebron, which in today’s NBA and in this market, is the only realistic chance the Cavs will have at a championship. You have to take the gamble.
    Especially if the Heat don’t win the title, wouldn’t a core built around in his prime Love and just entering his prime Kyrie appeal to LeBron more than nearing the end of his prime Bosh and past his prime Wade?

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Yes, it would certainly appeal to LeBron. I’m not saying he would 100% come back, but he’d have to be intrigued by that. Kyrie, LeBron, and Love would do some damage in this league.

  • RGB

    And that 9th pick will be better than our #1 pick last year.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Love, Calipari and no three-peat = LBJ!

  • mgbode

    how is his Sprite endorsement deal? if it’s ending, maybe he wants to start drinking PepsiMax 😉