Ohio State’s Carlos Hyde “on the radar” for Browns at No. 35



Former Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde is “on the radar” for the Cleveland Browns when it comes to their second-round selection. Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Mary Kay Cabot reports that the Browns could use their 35th-overall selection on the Buckeye product, likely making him the first running back selected this coming weekend.

This pick, while decent value, would likely surprise many Browns fans who prefer the team address needs—specifically, wide receiver, cornerback or offensive line. The Browns have been linked to several running backs, but the signing of Ben Tate this offseason led many (including ESPNCleveland.com blogger Tony Grossi) to believe this would be a position addressed in the NFL Draft’s later rounds.

WFNY’s Joe Gilbert ranks Hyde as the top back in this year’s draft class. Other options for Hyde appear to be the Tennessee Titans and No. 42 and Atlanta Falcons at No. 37.

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  • jewpants47

    i thought they were going
    #4 Manziel
    #26 Bortles
    #35 Bridgewater

  • JNeids
  • Steve_Not_Chad

    How many other blips are they getting on that radar?

  • cmm13

    It’s Cleveland so it will look more like this:
    #4 – traded to ATL
    #6 (aquired from ATL) – OL
    #26 – OL
    #35 – DE

    ….but hey, we will get ATL’s 1st round next year!

  • JNeids
  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Deja vu

  • MrCleaveland

    Yeah, Hyde and about 50 other guys. Thanks, Mary Kay.

  • saggy

    Who knows? But I overheard Haslam saying, “Keep firing, assh*les!”

  • mgbode

    oh, we’ll trade up for him.


    Draft Rumor: The Cleveland Browns will select a football player at some point in the draft this weekend. Book it.

  • mgbode

    only 1st round OL drafted by Browns in last 15 years:
    Jeff Faine
    Alex Mack
    Joe Thomas

    now, do you want to compare that to the other positions we have drafted in the 1st round? :)

  • mgbode

    when is then NOW????

  • mgbode

    “select a football player”

    great. so another 1 player draft. we have had lots of those.

  • Harv 21

    Dang, MKC waits until just hours to go before reaching deeeep into the bag of retractable, baseless rumor mongering for the classic “on the radar.”

    Almost got me, Mary Kay, you unrepentant, shameless journalistic hussy. Because I thought I read “DEFINITELY on the radar.” You … you!

  • cmm13


  • cmm13

    League sources now saying Browns will not draft a football player at some point in the draft this weekend instead they will trade all picks to Washington for Kirk Cousins.

  • MrCleaveland

    Yep, she’s a wanton Jezebel, that one. But I love her so.

  • mgbode

    they better not give us Lauvao back. you signed him, you keep him.