THE CAVS WON THE 2014 NBA DRAFT LOTTERY – WFNY Podcast – 2014-05-20

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WFNY Podcast LogoThe Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2014 NBA Draft lottery!

So, at the last minute I fired up the old podcast and Andrew and I discussed the Cavs’ ridiculously good fortune.

What should they do?

Kevin Love?

LeBron James?

Does this change the thoughts on the Cavs coaching search?

Also, just for fun, we discussed the new album “Boys” by Herzog. Cleveland band on a Cleveland night. Such a great night!

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  • swig

    I like the drop at the end. Great close.

  • Craig Lyndall

    That’s all Mr. Brian Spaeth!

  • Harv 21

    I don’t know, talk of trading the #1 from this great draft class makes me think people are overthinking this.

    Wasn’t the point to get a couple of young stars playing together, starting to win and making it easier to attract quality free agents who are interested in a ring? Do not trade this pick. If Kyrie/Dion creates reverse polarities on the court that cannot be resolved without destroying their respective games, trade one of them and match the other with the rookie star.

    My guess is that Gilbert is far more determined to not get hosed again by a star player than most people realize. Suddenly he and Griffin have a clear choice to present to Kyrie in the next month: “We are in a rare situation.You know we are going to get a star. For the sake of this organization we need to know right now: Are you in or are you out?” Kyrie can no longer claim he needs to wait and see the quality of the rookie; there will be quality this year. If he still hedges it probably means he doesn’t want to be here no matter what. If he hedges I shop him, install Dion as my alpha and create the new roster around Dion, the new stud, and the nice pieces the Kyrie trade brings.