This Year’s NBA Lottery is Different for the Cavaliers

Gilbert and Cavs win lottery

Well tell me if you have heard this before: The Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping for a good draw in NBA Draft Lottery. After another lackluster season, the Cavaliers have another chance at getting the number one pick in the June draft. They hold the ninth best odds of getting the top pick with a 1.7% chance. While getting the first pick this year is not quite as important as years past, the Cavs are wishing on their lucky star for a the ping-pong balls to bounce their way once again.

The Percentages of Winning the NBA Lottery

1. Milwaukee Bucks (25%)
2. Philadelphia 76ers (19.9%)
3. Orlando Magic (15.6%)
4. Utah Jazz (10.4%)
5. Boston Celtics (10.3%)
6. Los Angeles Lakers (6.3%)
7. Sacramento Kings (4.3%)
8. Detroit Pistons (2.8%)
10. New Orleans Pelicans (1.1%)
11. Denver Nuggets (0.8%)
12. Orlando Magic (0.7%)
13. Minnesota Timberwolves (0.6%)
14. Phoenix Suns (0.5%)


The 2014 NBA Draft is full of exciting talent who could change the course of a NBA organization. It will have a lot of players who can make an instant impact for a team next year. Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid lead the talented 2014 group. After these first top three players, there is a good amount of players who could end up being all-star level players. Many experts believe it is one of the better drafts overall in recent years. It is a big improvement over the past couple drafts where only a few players have made an impact for their respective teams. So the Cavaliers will not be in a bad spot if they do not get into one of the top three spots.

The Cavaliers are most likely not going to get in the top three picks this year. This makes the draft a different situation for them. They could possibly use this draft pick as an asset in a trade for a big time player like Kevin Love. The trade might be the best route for the team if they stay in the lower lottery. There will be opportunities for the Cavaliers to finally use their many assets to get the second piece to go along with Kyrie Irving. The team must get more production out of this year’s pick either in the player they draft or in the trade. The team is in not in the position to get a player who will need time to grow before getting any production.

Even with this being a good draft class, it just doesn’t have the excitement of previous years for Cavs fans because of the consistent losing even with all of these top picks. Fans are tired of hoping for a good draw because they have seen the prior ones not pay off for the Cavaliers in the win column. It seems like it’s a constant cycle of excitement around the draft and then same old losing with no real improvement. The Cavaliers must change this cycle and the lottery can be the start of the big change.

The Cavaliers organization has at least begun the change with how they are going to the NBA Lottery. They are not making it a party with a big entourage ready to burst with excitement if they win the draw; they are just sending general manager David Griffin and vice chairman Jeff Cohen, leaving Machine Gun Kelly and the bow ties back in Cleveland. The organization knows that there is no celebration in being a part of the lottery and knowing that they have had another losing season. They are treating the lottery as business and another part of the offseason process. They cannot put all of the energy and hope in this lottery because they have other areas that can help address their team. The extension of Kyrie Irving, the trade market, and free agency are the areas that can be better options for the Cavaliers in trying to win now.

The NBA lottery is tonight and the hope for getting the top pick is again on the minds of the Cavaliers. The fans will be watching intently to see if somehow the Cavs get the right draw again and get the number one pick in the draft. But this is not like the previous years where the team was still in the developing and rebuilding for the future phase. The Cavs are in the win-now mode and they must focus on getting players who can make an instant impact. The team must make winning on the court more important then winning in offseason. This offseason is one of the biggest for the Cavaliers in recent memory. They must get their roster fixed and ready to compete for the playoffs. So let’s all hope for a good draw and, more importantly, for a winning team.

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    Who does LeBron want?

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    Gets me everytime.

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    Nope, this article is so off base.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they already have their Randle his name is Bennett!

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    the reaction to that play ruined LeBron for his time here in Cleveland. he refused to make the right play after it though it did setup that game5.

    but, Wiggins is passive in his actual play. LeBron was never thought of as a passive guy in HS nor in his rookie year in the flow of the game.

    that said, I was just noting the downside. Wiggins is the 2nd best prospect this year for many reasons. The only reason he isn’t #1 is Embiid and that is ONLY if Embiid’s back checks out.

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    So does anyone who has a brain.

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    The good news is now we can have Kyrie AND one of those guys. So crazy!