Joel Embiid’s physical did not go well according Tony Rizzo’s sources



Take a step back and erase your head of every other report you’ve heard to this point. ESPNCleveland’s Tony Rizzo cites “sources” that have allegedly told him that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ meeting with draft prospect Joel Embiid did not well.

During the first hour of his show, “The Really Big Show” on WKNR/850 AM, Rizzo, who has long been opposed to drafting the Kansas University center1 stated that the team’s physical “did not go well” and that Embiid has a “number of physical ailments.”

This on-air report doesn’t make sense for the Cavs to leak this information as it would lower the value of having the No. 1 pick. It also flies smack in the face of countless other reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, it can be added to the bubbling caldron of rumors that will continue to swirl heading in to the evening of June 26.

The 7-foot Embiid, who has only been playing basketball for a few years, arrived in Cleveland on Tuesday night for his visit and subsequent physical. He averaged 11.2 points, 8.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks this past season, but missed the Big 12 tournament and the NCAA tournament due to a back injury that continues to plague his draft stock. However, he did participate in a private workout for NBA teams in Santa Monica, California, in late May which reportedly wowed those in attendance.

It was believed that Embiid and his agent, Arn Tellem, were in search of a guarantee from the Cavaliers prior to the high-upside big man scheduling visits with any other NBA teams. The team, obviously, has not confirmed any recently released reports.

Photo: Greg Nelson/SI

  1. …and pounded the table on Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving in 2011… []
  • thenoclist

    Draft Wiggins.

  • Steve_Not_Chad



    Which means we will still draft him, hooray!

  • Jaker

    “Ok Philly. You want Wiggins? Your’e gunna have to pay for him. #3 and #10 should do the trick.”

    Philly takes Wiggins. Bucks take Parker.

    Cavs get Embiid and celebrate that their devious “false rumors” trick worked. Then trade #10, Thompson, Bennett, Miami’s 2015 1st rounder and Memphis’s 2015 1st rounder for Kevin Love.

    Then I wake up

  • mgbode

    exactly. it only makes sense for us to leak the rumor if we are the only team who gets to give him a physical and thus we scare the other teams away from Embiid.

    of course, if we were going to do so, then Rizzo is likely the last journalist on Earth that we would leak this information to, so there’s that.

  • Horace

    He has absolutely zero credibility regarding the Cavs. None. First, he’s a shill for Dan Gilbert bc Gilbert have him a jet ride last year (whereupon rizzo embarrassed himself at the lottery). He’s openly admitted to avoid criticizing Dan whenever possible, even when Gilbert desered such criticism. Talk about bias.

    Second, his draft evaluations are horrendous. Aside from the Derrick Williams over Kyrie thing, he’s also mentioned that the Cavs should look at Julius Randle at #1. I would surmise that Rizzo’s knowledge of embii is limited to his college and position. No scouting, advanced stats analysis, nothing.

    His “source” is probably a Carl in South Euclid or a similar caller (no names please).

  • cmm13

    Actually with his close ties to owner Dan Gilbert; I could see him being Danny’s trusted source to leak something like this.

  • RGB

    Bill Simmons already declared him 100% healthy.
    Case closed.
    Draft him.

  • mgbode
  • Harv 21

    Embarrassed for Rizzo. Either a willing shill or a guy too stupidly pompous to wonder why it would be in the Cavs’ interest to share their evaluation with talk show guy. Or he’s just making this up to goose ratings.

    [Also, if we have the #1 pick why must we even be subject to another Silly Season? This is a grotesque parody, invented draft drama. Rizzo is grotesque. All these drafts – 3 in six weeks – are grotesque. Pure gluttony of desperate sports fan hope, an amateur athlete pornothon. I’m done, outtta this – hear me?!]

    [Yes, Nerd Club, I know I may have misspelled pornothon, or it’s not an appropriate context. Or that it’s not a word. Screw Rizzo. Blessed weekend… kliasdyhfoiasydhKIjhsdp9iSWYED]

  • mgbode

    Breathe, Harv, breathe. Relax. Sip on some brandy. Yeah, brandy is terrible, but it takes the focus off your mind.

  • Wow

    It’s Rizzo so I wouldn’t even bite on this plus he is the only show left on that station.

  • nj0

    Sad to see when it happens to someone you know.

  • cmm13


  • CB Everett

    Is he coming back?

    I don’t know. I think I heard him throwing up in the bathroom.

  • CB Everett

    When pressed for details:

    First of all, he had nasty cuticles and severe nasal congestion. Might need a sinus snaking, which could run thousands, if not millions. And insurance won’t cover it. Also, he had cold sore that could develop into something serious. Perhaps ass cancer. I’m not sure. Do I look like a doctor?

    Lastly, my sources say he did not appreciate the turn and cough portion. Why Dan Gilbert insisted he perform it himself, we’ll never know. Micromanaging type, I guess.

  • Harv 21

    laughed so hard a shard of triscuit came out my nose

  • Harv 21

    also, this may be the funniest thing I have ever read on this site

  • mgbode
  • Harv 21

    never gets old.

  • mgbode

    that’s fine, that’s fine. you think I find this funny? nothing’s funny.

  • Horace

    This is rich. The Cavs take Bennett 10 spots too high, Waiters 8 spots too high and Thompson 6 spots too high. Afterfter all that, we now try to get cute with the best center prospect in years and the obvious best player by trying to trade down 2 spots.

    What is this treasure chest we’d be getting for the risk of losing Embiid? The 10th pick overall?? Nerlens Noel?!? Nope, one year of Thad Young (if reports are correct).

    Simply amazing.

  • john

    Who cares? Rizzo is a hack can’t stand the guy. Wiggins Parker or Embid all will have bigger impacts than Bennett.

  • Mike

    He is one hell of an athlete and dominant center, but not the athlete that Wiggins is. You get defense and offense out of Wiggins. Parker you get offense and Embid is a beast, but you cannot risk that pick with an injury prone big. Wiggins has the highest ceiling and will beef up. Wiggins is the pick!

  • chad

    Heh? of course it makes sense. The76ers will do anything to get Wiggins. This gets the thinking the Cavs may take him becuase Emiid wouldnt be an option anymore.

  • Brandon Erwin

    So, all other National reports are saying that it went well, but some random dude in Cleveland says his sources say the opposite, and we know Rizzo doesn’t want Embiid. Is it starting to make sense? Clearly drumming up some doubt because he doesn’t want that player.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Nerlens Noel all over again!

  • The_Real_Shamrock
  • mgbode

    please remember to adjust your reading for silly season 99% of what you read about the draft is made up and it’s impossible to tell which 1% of the overall mass is true.

  • mgbode

    you know, if Noel had the bulk to take the abuse of playing center along with actual offensive skills