WFNY Roundtable – What is Miami’s next move?




Hey, did you guys hear the news? LeBron is coming back!!!!!!

Well, ok, that might not be true. It’s probably not true. But somehow we find ourselves in a world where there seems to at least be a realistic possibility of The Return happening. So naturally, we decided to discuss the issue in one of our Roundtables. Specifically, Craig wanted to find out everyone’s thoughts on what the Heat can realistically do to improve their roster. 

  • Harv 21

    easy to start hyperventilating about Miami’s quandry, but:

    – Pat Riley is quite effective at his job. But more so, he’s scarily persuasive, performing mind control on NBA stars for 4 decades now. In a meeting he’s a closer. And he’s got that meeting. What is Griffin to LeBron, in comparison?

    – Andrew Wiggins hasn’t even attended a training camp yet so we don’t know what we have yet. Kyrie has some clear attitude and effort, um, inconsistencies and hasn’t been able to lead his team to an eighth seed. The middle-aged rookie coach is a complete unknown. Why Cleveland, if this is all or even mostly about more rings right now?

    – I can’t get by this: Why did Wade opt out after that meeting, if the upshot wasn’t that they would all sacrifice to stay but put Riley’s feet to the fire first? Wade left $40m over 2 years despite his needle inching toward empty. Making $40 back over 4 years ain’t the same money, and this was his last big contract. Either LeBron told him staying is his priority, or Wade is ready to sacrifice huge bucks at the end of his career to win, rather than heaving around a team in shambles all by his lonesome. But Miami is his home, and he’s won 3 rings with two separate rosters. This makes no sense to me.

  • CB Everett

    Agreed. Riley is an evil genius. He doesn’t fret the quandary. He’s playing chess while Gilbert is playing Rainbow Brite (in Comic Sans of course). And I wish to sweet Jeebus that those cold facts weren’t so, but that’s the fact.

    And what’s also a fact is that we lack the stud firepower/surrounding cast and more importantly the max cash to make it happen. Besides that, we’re sitting pretty! Honestly, the only angle I see LBJ playing here would be the LeBron the Redeemer, arms spread open to save the fair city.

  • cmm13

    The Wade portion of this puzzle is definitely uhm… well, puzzling.

    But in the same breath look at the Melo situation; opted out to go on this whirlwind tour of teams courting him and is looking like NY will be the eventual landing spot.

    That tour is gonna cost him around $1 million bucks if he ends up staying.

  • cmm13

    While I totally agree that Riley’s revival of the Heat thrice times since his arrival there is as about as impressive at it gets this day in age of the NBA; I just don’t see even with every last dollar available to him the actual NBA free agents out there to build a roster from scratch.

  • technivore

    Regarding point 3, Lebron opted out on 6/25, Wade and Haslem 3 days later, and Bosh the day after that. Maybe nothing, but it certainly doesn’t point to the big 3 acting in concert.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’d rather talk about the Cavaliers next move rather then Miami.

  • Tron

    @TD Deary. No you won’t

  • mgbode

    I love how all assume no Miami means Cleveland just like no Cleveland meant NY Knicks in 2010. Enjoy the circus.

  • BenRM

    Gilbert? You mean Griffin right? Because you aren’t comparing Arison to Gilbert. You’re comparing Riley to the Cleveland GM.

  • Pat Leonard

    Good point… right now there hasn’t been any information out there about a team other than those two, but this is a fickle man we’re talking about here. I really don’t think his mind is made up yet because he’s waiting to see which team can offer the best package of talent and money.

  • CB Everett

    I get your point that the analogy should be GM to GM, but that’s not the case here or the dynamics in play. Make no mistake, Dan Gilbert is the linchpin on the Cavs side. Not only is he more heavily involved as an owner, due to his history w LBJ he’s going to have to have sit downs and make pitches directly to have any shot. Griffin? A minor character in this whole thing IMO.