Details of LeBron’s meeting with Riley emerge


pat-rileyAccording to several reports, LeBron James will meet with Pat Riley in Vegas at 3 pm Vegas time, or 6 pm Eastern.

Additionally, Chris Broussard reports that the only people at that meeting will be LeBron, agent Rich Paul and Pat Riley.

This after previously believing that Heat owner Mickey Arison, coach Eric Spolestra and Wade would be at the meeting.

The Cavaliers have cleared the amount of cap space needed to offer James a max contract earlier Wednesday by dealing Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev and Tyler Zeller.

Rumors are flying about possible deals in place with Minnesota for Kevin Love as well if Cleveland is able to land James.

Stay tuned.

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  • Steve

    “a 6x coach of the year with 16 championships”

    With none at the NBA level. I’m excited for Blatt, but let’s not treat him as anything remotely proven at this level yet.

    And Wiggins is still a question mark. Excited for him as well. Don’t see how you have both Wiggins and Love though.

    Home? I guess. He can take his own private learjet to Akron from anywhere in the world at this point.

    Redemption? In the eyes of Clevelanders only. No one else in the world gives a crap about that anymore.

  • mgbode

    There are 28 other teams. Just saying that there may not be unverified rumors but that doesn’t mean they are not trying or succeeding even.

  • RGB
  • RGB

    They should be finishing up appetizers about now.
    Secret WFNY Ninja Cam footage…

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Be careful Schnitkey doesn’t like videos. Just sayin’!

  • RGB

    I have a clip already picked out if Griffin pulls this off. 😀