Jordan Cameron changes Twitter profile after Jimmy Graham ruling


One of the issues regarding Jimmy Graham’s fight with the Saints over whether he is a receiver or not had to do with him self-identifying as a tight end on his Twitter profile. I don’t know how much that factored into the fact that he was ultimately ruled a tight end, but Jordan Cameron decided not to take any chances.

Yesterday he changed his twitter profile to read “Pro Bowl pass catcher for the Browns”

Jordan Cameron Twitter

Now, it’s easy for me to call it silly because I wasn’t the one who had $5.3 million on the line like Jimmy Graham did — wide receiver franchise tags go for just over $12 million and tight ends go for just over $7 mil. Still, I do think it’s silly. Jimmy Graham is a tight end. He’s one of the trailblazing tight ends with the ability to re-define the position and yes, his franchise tender amount is wildly low for a player of his production. The mere fact that he’s deserving of a lot more money, however, doesn’t make him a wide receiver.

Nor does Jordan Cameron’s desire for more money — even money comparable to a top wide receiver — make him a wide receiver. I think both players should be rewarded for their production and get contracts commensurate with their value, but gaming the system and pretending that these tight ends are actually wide receivers is just insulting intellectually.

If the game continues to evolve this way, they should get their union to negotiate the next collective bargaining agreement to put all pass-catchers — tight ends and wide receivers — in the same class for the rules of the franchise tag. That’s the way the offensive line works already where they don’t delineate between left tackles, centers or guards.

  • maxfnmloans

    Dear Jordan Cameron, Jimmy Graham, et al.,
    You are not special. Your success is a by-product of offensive coordinators learning how to use the Tight End position more effectively. If you were solely a WR, you would not experience the same success (if you need video evidence of this, check the game tape from when the Saints played the Pats and Aquib Talib held Jimmy Graham catch free on the day).

    Had offenses not made this evolution, you would be nothing more than mediocre basketball players. The only thing that really helps your case as a “reciever” is that you can’t block a wet fart. Lining up at TE allows you to be matched up on safeties or linebackers who cant keep up with you, dont you see? Without being a “TE” your success would be muted.

    Perhaps the vernacular needs to change. perhaps you’d like to be called a “split end”. You’re still not a wide reciever. I know the game is evolving into more of a pass catchers league, and the days of the “run blocking” TE are waning, but again, do not lose sight of the fact that if this evolutin had not taken place, you would be a mediocre basketball player.

    And Jordan, “pass catcher” is about right, because you sure dont seem to do much else. Granted you do it at a fairly high level but let’s worry about staying healthy for more than one season and being able to stay on the field all three downs, shall we?

    And please don’t misunderstand me, I think the owners screw the player every chance they get and I’m down for the players getting what they’re owed, but this a “chicken, egg” thing and I guess I’m on the side of the chicken

  • Natedawg86

    I think you can add this, “You are good, easily in the top 5 TE in the league, but you are NOT one of the top 10 best WR in the NFL and you will NOT be paid as one (at least under the tag system)” lol

  • bossman09


  • CB Everett

    Exhibit A, Mr Arbitrator, my Twitter handle:

    “Jordan Cameron, eight time pro bowl QB and two time Super Bowl MVP of the Cleveland Browns.”

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Pete Prisco actually brought up an interesting point, stating that they’ll want to be considered Tight Ends when it comes time for Hall of Fame voting.

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Can’t arbitrators just use a team’s depth chart against the player?

  • humboldt

    The modern NFL “tight end” arguably has a more difficult job than receivers, as they not only have to run complex routes – and usually in the cross-hairs of linebackers and safeties – but also have to block lineman and linebackers. I don’t blame them for trying to maximize their value. There is a disconnect between the semantics of the positions and the realities of evolving NFL offenses.

  • RGB

    917 yards = #23 WR in the league.
    7 TD = #18 WR in the league.
    Those stats were amassed mainly against the expert coverage of LBs.
    You’re a TE Mr. Cameron.

  • RGB
  • nj0

    Arbitration is a nasty business. From the Indians’ arbitration case with Vinnie Pestano (which goes to Harv’s recent drum beating about athletes sticking to the Crash Davis “pointless sound bytes” approach):

    “The pitcher fully expected to hear a stream of negative statistical analysis, and took no issue with that element. Pestano was, however, caught off guard when the Indians used quotes he gave to reporters as fuel for their case.

    Quotes from a general manager, manager or player are fair game for both sides during an arbitration hearing and that tactic is relatively common. That did not make it any easier for Pestano — one of the team’s most media-friendly players — to hear his words used to support the team’s stance.

    “You’re being honest and accountable and saying the right things and being there,” Pestano said, “and then later you find your own words in the paper, and somebody is trying to use your words against you to drive your value down. Whether that played a big role in the decision, I don’t know.”

  • MrCleaveland

    Besides, Cameron’s got zero diva game. Gotta jack up the drama if you want be considered a WR.

  • nj0

    That’s a little harsh. These guys (along with all NFL talent) are pretty special talents. Not a lot of guys can play the TE position like Graham and Cameron do. Not to mention – they’re just squirrels trying to get a nut (or more nuts). Any of us would do the same if it meant a 20% pay raise.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Cameron is smart for dating Erin Heatherton! I gotta check out the Pilates thing. 😉

  • humboldt
  • maxfnmloans

    it is a bit harsh, I will admit that, but like you said “not many guys can play the TE position like they can”. That”s it right there- they have rare skills for a TE, but not so much for a receiver.

    Anywhoo, things will likely change with the next CBA so in time, this won’t be an issue. Unfortunately for guys like Graham and Cameron, they’re the test gerbils, and they’ll likely have to be the ones who get shafted so that the next wave of guys can benefit.

  • maxfnmloans

    Poor Vinnie must not be married- everyone knows the one of the first things you learn is that anything you say can and will be used against you, even if its five years later and completely out of context. I kid, I kid

  • maxfnmloans

    pretty sure he’s holding at the end of that play

  • humboldt

    If I had to block a DE as a TE I’d probably be holding too 😉

  • humboldt

    And even if he held, he was 10x more effective in carrying out his assignment than whatever the hell Sean Lauvao was doing

  • Bach Nguyen

    I don’t think Graham had a chance in hell regardless of his twitter bio. He’s a Tight End. When Josh Gordon goes out, the Browns won’t replace him with Cameron. If Cameron goes down, we’ll replace him with a Tight End, not a Wide Receiver. Also, if Graham and Cameron were better blockers, they would be asked to block more. It’s actually a deficiency that causes them to be used more like a receiver.

  • Bach Nguyen

    On the other hand, Graham could’ve argued (and probably did but I didn’t read the arguments) that the TE position is a lot closer to WR than a Right Guard is to a Left Tackle or a Fullback is to a Tailback. But the CBA is probably pretty clear in allowing those groupings and not allowing a TE to be considered a WR, so again, no chance in hell.