Kevin Love withdraws from Team USA, demands a trade to the Cavs?

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Amid all of the trade rumors surrounding his status with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love has decided to not play this summer with Team USA. Love was supposed to report to Team USA’s training camp for the FIBA World Cup in a couple days. He has been the topic of the biggest NBA news over the past few weeks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and Golden State Warriors are the strongest suitors for a Kevin Love trade. According to ESPN, The Cavs are said to be very optimistic that they will acquire Love from the Timberwolves. Reports say the Cavs are offering Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a first round pick. There have been conflicting reports about what the Cavs offer is and if they have even offered Wiggins yet. Another possible advantage the Cavs may have is the report by FOX Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico. According to his sources, Love has conveyed his desire to be traded to Cleveland. Amico goes on to say that it is unclear if Love has formally asked the Timberwolves for a trade. If this happens, Cleveland could get him at a cheaper price.

The Bulls have reportedly offered Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and Nikola Mirotic for Love. The Warriors have supposedly offered Harrison Barnes and David Lee, but it still remains to be seen if they have also included Klay Thompson. The Timberwolves are insistent about getting Thompson from the Warriors. But even with him in the trade, ESPN reported the Timberwolves, more specifically their ownership, prefer Wiggins rather then Thompson. It is still unknown whether Cleveland will acquire Love, but it seems almost certain that he will not be with Minnesota for much longer.

(Photo by: AP Photo/Jim Mone)

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Would requesting a trade to the Cavs also implicitly mean that Love would not sign an extension with Chicago or Golden State if he were traded there?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It’s a gigantic if but these reports could be why all of a sudden it’s been floated that Minnesota was really interested in the offer by Chicago. The TWolves are trying to leverage the Cavaliers for the best offer knowing that Cleveland is where Love wants to go period. If true I would have to believe signing an extension with the Cavaliers is all but set in stone as it could be. My issue is Chicago wouldn’t be a bad place to go so why would Cleveland be his top draw? It has to start and end with LBJ no?

  • mgbode

    he just really loves Canadians and doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to play with the Canadian National team (i.e. the Cavs)

  • Matthew R Shadrake

    The whole time this has happened, I keep thinking the same thing.

    If the Cavs had already offered Wiggins, how is the trade not done? Wiggins is the legitimate #1 pick, and the best #1 pick since LeBron by most counts. He arguably has a higher upside than Love. There’s no chance you’re getting anything better than that in a trade. Zero. None. Saunders would be a fool for turning that kind of trade down.

    I think the Cavs are ultimately bidding against themselves here. Offer Waiters and Bennett with picks, and stick to that. Nobody is outbidding that package. There is no need to include Wiggins. Flip Saunders is attempting to play you by creating bullshit reports about other trade packages that don’t exist.

  • jamespowell

    I had the same exact thoughts. And I don’t think that haggling over extra pieces of the deal or the contract delay would hold them back from announcing the deal.

    Either the Cavs have not offered Wiggins or the TWolves don’t want Wiggins.

  • jamespowell

    If they trade Wiggins and Bennett they lose that distinction