Cleveland Plain Dealer rejects full-page ad trolling LeBron

Trolling LeBron


On Tuesday, when I was driving around listening to the Dan LeBatard show, they were discussing a plan to buy a full-page ad either in Cleveland at the Plain Dealer or in Akron at the Beacon-Journal. From what I could gather, they were upset that LeBron James had not thanked Miami fans, either in his essay/letter in Sports Illustrated or in the Miami papers. You know what? They might have a bit of a point, but that’s not my fight. Word this morning on is that the Northeast Ohio Media Group has declined to run the full-page ad, turning down the money.

Representatives of The Dan LeBatard Show called the Cleveland media outlet on Tuesday to purchase a full-page advertisement in this Sunday’s edition of the newspaper, Northeast Ohio Media Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Maleski confirmed. NEOMG sales staff are responsible for ads in The Plain Dealer.

The show’s request was “politely declined,” Maleski said.

This is what the proposed ad would have looked like according to Twitter-housed Heat fans.

Trolling LeBron

I have to say, I think it’s a funny idea. Throughout the whole LeBron returning saga, one major takeaway for me is just how good a radio show Dan LeBatard has in Miami. He’s funny, he has a great perspective and he doesn’t take himself very seriously at all. Once you realize how sarcastic and self-deprecating he is, it’s really a great show—there’s a reason he’s been picked up nationally.

And even allowing that I like LeBatard and I think he’s funny, good on the Plain Dealer for turning down the ad dollars that they could have made running this advertisement. I mean, it was probably an easy choice not to allow their pages to be used to taunt their readership, but still.

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