More than 20 million people watched the USMNT lose to Belgium

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The numbers are in and the results are that tons and tons of people in the United States watched the USMNT get eliminated yesterday.

Obviously add in watch parties like the ones that occurred at stadiums in Dallas, Chicago and Kansas City and the numbers get juiced a bit more. What does it all mean? It will take more time to sort all that out, but this team was able to capture the nation in a significant way.

This team had lots of fans rooting for it. The games were at a mostly convenient time. There weren’t any vuvuzellas on the TV coverage, etc, etc, etc. As with our conversations about Indians attendance, it all matters and it’s hard to draw sweeping conclusions other than what the stats actually say. Lots of people watched yesterday.

  • humboldt

    It was a great game, though my anticipation/engrossment in the match felt akin to watching a preseason game in the NFL. Hard to feel more than fleeting interest in a soccer match, but it was fun while it lasted.

  • MrCleaveland

    I wonder how they arrive at these guesses. Nobody has a clue as how many people watched. 20 million. 30 million. 43.71 million. A bajillion zillion. Whatever.

  • Adam

    Agreed. Especially considering that most people watching it were probably in a bar somewhere due to the time it was on. Ratings = BS.