Ray Allen leaning toward joining Cavs



The Free Agency haul rolls on as Ray Allen is reportedly leaning toward signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This report is according to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe.

Allen is expected to have MRIs on his legs to make sure they’re healthy, so nothing will be official until after Thursday. Mike Miller, another recent addition, has been recruiting Ray Allen to join him and LeBron James—both teammates of Allen in Miami—in Cleveland.

“With LeBron James, you are going to win 55 to 60 games regardless,” Miller said on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd Show. “Now it’s about what you do in the playoffs. For us, even with the young talent that they have there, you’ve got to bring guys that have been there before, even if they are not giving you heavy minutes. Because those are the guys that understand the preparation, the adjustments, things like that can really bring those guys along. And then you build it from there.”

The 39-year-old Allen was fielding offers from the Cavs as well as the Houston Rockets in addition to contemplating retirement. He is the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-point makes with 2973, and over 19 years of professional play, Allen has shot 40.0 percent from beyond the arc.

  • RGB

    Trade him for Love.

  • Pat Leonard

    Haha. I’m pretty sure that is what he was waiting for, so it’d be pretty cruel to throw him in that trade. He wants to tack on another title to his resume, so I wonder if this is a prelude to news about the trade being agreed to.

  • mgbode

    How many strikes does Morey get before he gets to go back to the dugout?

  • architrance

    Seems like he’s waiting to return from China and see if his body is healthy enough… or is that just too logical?

  • whosevelt

    Have we discussed at all what the rotation is supposed to look like? Neither Allen nor Miller can play center, and neither should take many minutes from Waiters/Wiggins. I can see the purpose of one of them, but both?

  • architrance

    I assume they’d sign him to the minimum, so it’s not hurting cap space or their ability to sign anyone else. And:

    “…you’ve got to bring guys that have been there before, even if they are
    not giving you heavy minutes. Because those are the guys that understand
    the preparation, the adjustments, things like that can really bring
    those guys along. And then you build it from there.”

  • Pat Leonard

    Booo, that theory is boring. You’re boring everybody. Quit boring everyone!


  • Pat Leonard

    Tough to discuss the rotation because it depends on if the trade for Kevin Love happens. Without Love, you are correct, your rotation is probably Irving-Wiggins-LeBron-Thompson-Varejao, Dellavedova-Waiters-Miller-Bennett-Haywood or a slight variation. But I think the trade does happen eventually, and I think Waiters will somehow find his way into the deal for Kevin Love, even if he doesn’t go to Minnesota (in other words, a 3-team trade).

  • mgbode

    I don’t think that anyone believes this will be our roster at the end of October, but if it is:


    at minimum, Miller can be our backup SF.
    at minimum, Allen can be our backup SG.

    even as presently structured, we have plenty of minutes to dole out (though ex-VP won’t be happy).

    1st team: Irving, Wiggins, LeBron, Tristan, Andy
    2nd team: Waiters, Allen, Miller, Bennett, Haywood?
    Injury fill-in: Delly, J.Jones

    “Firing Squad”: Irving, Allen, Miller, Bennett, LeBron
    Conventional Smallball: Irving, Allen, Wiggins, LeBron, Andy
    Defensive: Delly, Wiggins, LeBron, Tristan, Andy

    We really, really need some frontcourt players, but it’s not like there are many to sign either. Otherwise, we have a pretty adaptable squad that can play a variety of styles depending on the personal we put on the floor. It likely won’t be all that good at defense though.

  • cmm13

    Maybe you’re late to the party… We have LeBron James.

  • woofersus

    I can’t argue with the idea of using Waiters as the backup PG, since he excels with the ball in his hands and is good at the drive-and-kick, but I would be really surprised if Wiggins starts, at least at the outset. I know he’s a highly touted #1 overall pick, but this is supposed to be a team looking to make a run right now.

    I think (again, assuming the roster doesn’t get dramatically altered) it would be something more like:

    1st team: Irving, Waiters, LeBron, Tristan, Andy
    Rotation Players: Delly, Miller/Allen, Wiggins/Jones, Bennett, Haywood

    I assume we’ll see your Firing Squad lineup at the end of close games, with the Defensive squad switching in as the posession changes. No arguments there.

    I wonder about the Smallball lineup, though. Is Allen still quick enough to create those matchup issues? I also wonder if we might have to sometimes go small at center because of limited depth. I think a smallball lineup of Delly, Irving, Wiggins, LeBron, and Bennett could be an intriguingly quick and athletic lineup. Could be really deadly in transition.

  • Pat Leonard

    If Delly finds himself outside of the rotation, you are correct… Ex-VP will turn volatile.

  • mgbode

    I know. I know. Don’t worry though, we are likely trading in a bunch of assets for either Kevin Love or an actual NBA center. So, a very good chance we’ll need Delly.

  • mgbode

    I think Wiggins allows LeBron to not have to guard the best wing player all the time, so he just matches up better in the starting lineup and, the obviousness of Waiters getting the ball in his hands more. Add-in some back-door cuts for Wiggins with LeBron/Irving on pick-n-roll and it’s all good.

  • Pat Leonard

    Phew! Also, we both forgot about Joe Harris. I don’t think he gets any playing time with the big-league club this season, but you know, good to at least touch on him. I do like his potential as a shooter though.

  • Richard Daugherty

    I was kind of hoping he was leaning toward retirement and that Andrew Wiggins was leaning over the table and signing his contract! With Kyrie, Lebron, Dion (and possibly Wiggins still), I don’t see the need for Lebron’s old buddies. If anything I would have like to see us stack up on a bruising BIG and maybe Ryan Kelly – just to be safe. Miami didn’t have an answer for ol’ Tim Duncan (legit 5) and the way he walked off the court after the Heat lossed the championship looked a little to all familiar – if we don’t have some guys that will help under the basket, we’re gonna reap it!!!

  • mgbode

    I didn’t so much forget as I don’t think we can afford him run unless there are a bunch of injuries. I fully expect him to have time on the Canton Charge this year and hopefully he can develop there.

    I mean Mike Miller is already spouting off at winning 55-60 games this year.

  • Pat Leonard

    I agree if Harris gets any real playing time this season, it’ll be because of injuries.