Police patrols to be increased around LeBron’s home after announcement


Update: Here’s a photo just in case you wanted evidence.

According to Akron Beacon Journal reporter Phil Trexler, LeBron James will be announcing his decision sometime this afternoon around 3 PM. The reason that this is known is related to the increased patrols around LeBron’s home in Bath.

Of course, I have no idea what those local hunches are actually worth. It’s unknown if the Bath police were given any extra information other than just to be aware of a decision. Of course, it might be helpful for them to know whether to expect the potential for jubilation or anger.

At this point it would be helpful for all of us to know whether to expect jubilation or anger. Hopefully soon.

  • Pat Leonard

    I’m having fun. #LeBronWatch2014 has been really entertaining on Twitter. Adam the Bull on 92.3 the FAN was talking to this Phil Trexler and Adam made a really good point. Why would LeBron’s family come to Bath just recently if he’s staying with the Heat? Why give angry Cavs fans a chance to do something stupid? If you’re wanting to protect your family, move them away from the anger… and maybe that’s what he did.

    With that said, I’m not taking any of this too seriously… just really entertaining so far.

  • saggy

    i would think that means he is NOT coming back, since people would be angry.

  • CB Everett

    Seriously. That’s my take. He was originally going to come back to Akron prior to going to Brasil but cancelled. And now this. Who knows? Wait, how did I get sucked into this madness?!!

  • cmm13

    meh, 2010 was the larger storm and nothing happened.

    if he denies us this time we should expect some lightning and hail; but no flaming jerseys.

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    Why do a TV special if you’re leaving?

    Logic does not apply with millionaires.

  • Pat Leonard

    Because you can raise millions for charity and get attention for yourself (i.e. your brand). I’ll need a better retort than that, I think.

  • JNeids

    It’s 3:21 and no decision…AHHHHHHHHHH
    Ohhh, maybe he’s waiting until 3:30. I see what he did there. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES FTW!

  • woofersus

    Lebron’s website is unresponsive. It’s either getting changes made or being completely pounded right now. Maybe both.

  • nj0

    It has been a fun distraction in the summer wasteland stretch of sports. Same with the World Cup. But I’m still ready for it to end. Please Lebron, don’t stretch this over the weekend.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Twitter five people repeat the same message I never missed out on it I see.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Sheesh can’t the drama queen afford his own security?

  • eldaveablo

    “Loading…” That’s all I’m seeing. Argh!

  • Harv 21

    of course he can. But it’s Bath T’ship – what else do the cops have to do? Tell a pool party to keep it down? Now they get to hang out in front of the Emperor’s Palace without seeming too creepy.

  • woofersus

    It didn’t change, so it must have just been a huge surge of traffic because of the 3:30 rumor.

  • RGB

    But, but…Bath isn’t Akron…

  • cmm13

    No joke, I am watching web designers talk back and forth on Twitter right now about the bad page load at 3:30pm.

    They tried to change the page and hit a ton of error in doing it.

    They took change down to local servers to repair with 4 errors, it’s now down to 2.

  • Steve

    They always come back to NE Ohio over the summer.

  • nj0

    Lebron needs better IT people.

  • The_Real_Shamrock
  • The_Real_Shamrock

    They should wash his cars too!

  • CBI

    Having lived in Bath, nothing has happened there since Baba O’Riley and the seedy motel it was attached to burned down.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Baba O’Riley’s was Cuyahoga Falls. Bath had the police digging up Jeffrey Dahmer’s old backyard.

  • Wow

    Well that was a waste of the police.

  • stryker1121

    I am not having fun with Decision the 2nd. Puts a negative spotlight on our city AGAIN and gives me undue stress over something I cannot control. Let it end!

  • mgbode

    I’m staying on the periphery. Guess I don’t get what the big deal is and don’t see why do many think he’s coming back to an unproven team.

    If he wants back, then he could get a one year deal in Miami and tell Kyrie to prove he should come here next summer. Missing the playoffs in the East last year proved to be a good thing (wiggins), but it didn’t garner much confidence in the team

  • RGB

    ESPN has decided to read “the letter” ad nauseam today.
    They just can’t stand the thought of him returning to Cleveland.
    Notice they aren’t replaying Riley’s speech from the other day. 😉

  • Pat Leonard

    Yes, but I guess I just think that if it was me and I was planning on returning to the Heat, I’d wait a couple weeks before coming back and let the crazy Cavs fans settle down first. Did you see how many people decided to show up at his house yesterday to “celebrate” his decision when LeBron wasn’t even in Ohio? Crazies.

  • Pat Leonard

    I completely agree, but there’s plenty of narrative out there as to why he would want to return. Riley insulted him and his family. The “upgrades” the Heat made to their roster were not enough to get over the hump. Etc… but there’s still a good chance the Cavs could trade for Kevin Love, and if they do then that’s immediately a better team than the Heat team he left.

    Again, not saying I think it happens, but I can understand why it’s not a done deal with the Heat yet.

  • CBI

    No, back in the day, there was a Baba O’Riley’s near the intersection of Cleveland Massilon Rd. and Media Rd (Route 18). We use to go there and watch the Cavs play (and drink) with our lettermen jackets on. It was attached to a crappy hotel where it seemed like someone got stabbed weekly. If you search the Akron Beacon Journal archives, there are some articles claiming the fire was arson.

  • Steve

    How many showed up before the decision to send police to his house went public?

  • Steve

    Exactly this. At the beginning of the offseason I was certain that he’d take the option for this season, see how the Cavs develop with their draft pick under a new head coach, see how Wade’s knee is holding up and base his decision on that. The Heat would still have been the easy favorite to come out of the East again next year. Unless Love is absolutely in the cards, forcing himself to make the decision between Miami and Cleveland this offseason made little sense.