Report: Justin Masterson traded to St. Louis

Justin Masterson Cleveland Indians Joshua Gunter/ The Plain Dealer

Justin Masterson

Oh how the mighty have fallen. A year ago at this time the Indians would have given anything to extend starting pitcher Justin Masterson to a long term deal. 12 months later, the big right-hander, who has become a mental mess, has reportedly been been dealt to the St. Louis Cardinals. Legendary baseball writer Peter Gammons, now of MLB Network, was the first to break the news.

According to NY Post writer Joel Sherman, the Indians will be getting back AAA outfielder James Ramsey. The 24-year old is a former first round pick in the 2012 draft out of Florida State and was just promoted to the AAA level. For AA Memphis in 67 games this season, Ramsey hit .300/.389/.527 with 13 home runs and 36 RBIs.

The Masterson era in Cleveland comes to a disappointing end. Coming off of an All-Star season in 2013, Justin’s game fell off the table. He departs Cleveland after six seasons where he was 48-61 with a 4.23 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, 3.76 FIP, and a 92 ERA+

Will have much more of this in a feature as the trade deadline comes to a close.

(Joshua Gunter/ The Plain Dealer)



  • The_Real_Shamrock

    His best value is his cheap a$$ contract. I was never a Lackey fan. He should be a nice veteran presence and you know Francona knows him.

  • mgbode

    not sure what Dr. Jack has anything to do with this thread, but okay.

  • nj0

    Another point: Masterson in STL may end up being a textbook example of what pitching in front of one of the best defenses in baseball (rather than the worst) can do for a guy.

  • EastSideGuy

    I clarify several incorrect statements you made regarding the state of the Cardinals pitching staff, and the best you can respond with is an insult? (No, I’m not related to Masterson in case you were wondering) Kindof lame, but if that’s how you roll, then I understand. Have a good evening.

  • markn95

    Not only do the Cards draft better than any team in baseball, they’re also great at developing their talent. I’d take one of their top 10 prospects any day of the week.

  • woofersus

    Just sellers of veterans in contract years who we won’t resign and won’t be any worse without.

  • Natedawg86