Report: LeBron leaves Heat meeting without deal

LBJ website

LBJ website

Adrian Wojnarowski, Brian Windhorst and Chris Broussard all report Wednesday night that the meeting between LeBron James and Pat Riley has ended, without any deal being made.

The good news if you are a Cavalier fan hoping for a LeBron return is that he walked away from the meeting without signing with the Heat.

The bad news is that LeBron didn’t inform the Heat he was signing with the Cavaliers. remains unchanged as well.

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  • maxfnmloans

    Did they show him a personalized Family Guy cartoon? I hear that works

  • Patrick J

    Biggest loser = Chris Sheridan

  • RGB
  • Wow

    I’d love to believe he just wants to talk with his family before deciding but the cynic in me says he loves the attention.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Wow. ESPN is really starting to panic, there are now multiple hit pieces out bashing Cleveland, Gilbert, etc.


  • Steve

    You mean there is one editorial piece where a writer makes astute points in wondering why Lebron would play for an owner who bad mouthed him? The horror. There are Cleveland fans who wonder the same thing.

    One with a very interesting statement:

    “Meanwhile, Gilbert never explained why he was willing to offer LeBron a maximum contract if he thought so little of his character.”

  • architrance

    Coffee is for closers.

  • RGB

    I would have posted the entire speech, but it has too many naughty words. lol

  • B-bo

    No explanation necessary: Dan Gilbert is a businessman (while LBJ is–of course–a business, man), and knows what LeBron James does for the bottom line. Gilbert was always going to be willing to take James back, comic sans libeling be damned.

  • Steve

    As long as we all fully admit that Gilbert plays fast and loose with his own morals, and his sole concern is how many dollars that hard-working Clevelanders earn that he can put in his pocket.

  • B-bo

    Has anyone suggested otherwise? Not being a jerk, I’m genuinely curious.