Browns claim injured offensive tackle from Seahawks


Michael Bowie

In what appears to be a pretty strange transaction, the Cleveland Browns have signed Michael Bowie, who was waived injured by the Seattle Seahawks. Bowie is expected to be out 4-6 months with an injured shoulder according to the Seattle Times.

Pete Carroll reportedly called the shoulder injury “significant,” but that remains to be seen. I would call an injury significant too if I wanted my guy to pass through waivers.

When a player is waived injured it is usually an indication that the team believes he’ll pass through so they can put him on injured reserve. The Browns, in turn, must have thought they had a real steal on their hands to grab Bowie and keep him around via roster spot until the first roster cut-down.

The cool thing for the Browns is that they get to control a potential starting offensive tackle for 2015 and 2016 for a grand total of just over $1.2 million. Bowie started eight games for the Seahawks including seven at tackle and one at guard. He also graded out at Pro Football Focus at a +7.1 as they raved about his run blocking.


Now, if the Browns could scout some stud receivers that might get cut soon…

  • Sam Gold

    I’m guessing Ray and/or Mike know something most of the rest of us don’t.

  • rockt647

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  • Trakar

    Are the Browns going to try and leave him on their 53 man roster all season? If they cut him along the line to the final 53 man roster does he not just become a free agent open to doing whatever he wants wherever he and his agent can get him? who picks up his medical tab?

  • Sam Gold

    They can place him on IR after camp.

  • Sam Gold

    What if I’ve been out of work for 8 months and need to make $8616?

  • Wow


  • mgbode

    Exactly. We just risk losing whoever the last man would have been as we’ll have to cut him and re-sign. But, I’d risk a fringe guy for a starting guy and Bowie is respected as a starting caliber guy.


    “my friend’s step-mother”? I’m supposed to believe that? Come on. If you’re gonna go second or third hand on your testimonial, at least go with a reputable parent.

  • BenRM

    This^ all day

  • RGB

    An excellent Belichickesque move.
    I like Farmer more every day.

  • Joe

    How does the NFL determine who wins the offseason waiver claim? I know a few other teams put in for Bowie but how did CLE end up with him? First come, first serve? Previous year record? Two legged race between GMs? Rock paper scissors? A spelling bee?

  • drjay868

    I believe it’s based on how many transactions or claims teams have made or draft postition… but I’ve been wrong before. My fiance tells me I’m wrong a lot.

  • Trakar

    It is hard to see the reasoning of keeping an undisciplined noob, with an injury that will keep him off the field for 4-6 months (the entirety of the regular season, and may take as much as 18 months before he gets back to 100% game conditioning, which he couldn’t maintain over the four months since his last game last season and OTAs this season without an injury – he showed up for OTAs 20 lbs, overweight and out of shape and hadn’t reduced or improved by the start of camp).
    That’s a lot of time to hold a roster spot for someone who very likely may have been cut from the team he was on within a couple of weeks. And now they are going to take a chance on loosing someone who could help them this year for a player who won’t play this year and may well not make the team next year? sounds like the Browns FO are shooting one of their toes off, hoping that the reduced weight will improve their speed.

  • Trakar

    Any player with fewer than four accrued NFL seasons who is released by any team must pass through the waiver system before becoming a free agent. The waiver system is a system that ensures the worst teams in the league get first pick among players who are released by another team. After a player is waived by a team, the rest of the league has a 24-hour window to claim the rights to that player. If multiple teams claim the same player, the club with the highest waiver priority gets him. The worst team in the league gets the top spot, the best team gets the last one. Since the Texans finished with the worst record during the 2013 season, they’ll have the top waiver number. The Super Bowl-winning Seahawks now own the last spot. The NFL defines an accrued season as one in which a player appeared on the active 53-man roster for at least six games. Players with fewer than four accrued seasons must pass through the 24-hour waiver period, after which they too become a free agent. (excerpted and paraphrased from – and this is true offseason or during the regular season. Bowie has only 1 accrued season in the league and will be subject to waiver rules for another 3 seasons.

  • Sam Gold

    I don’t think you understand how IR works.