Browns hopeful to name starting quarterback on Tuesday

Pettine presser

Brian Hoyer is set to start on Monday Night Football against the Washington Redskins. After this second preseason game, the Browns are hoping to name their starting quarterback the following day on Tuesday. After practice Mike Pettine said, “Something unforeseen could come up, but we’re hopeful (to name the QB on Tuesday) because I do want to see if I can cut the quarterback questions down by about 90 per cent after next week.” All along Pettine has noted that he would like to name the quarterback after the second preseason game so that he can use the third game as a dress rehearsal. By this time next week we could have our answer on who will lead the offense in the first game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On Monday night, the Browns are expected to split the first team reps between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Hoyer will get the start versus the Redskins, but Manziel will still get a chance to win the job. This upcoming game might be the deciding factor on who the Browns choose as their regular season starting quarterback. The game on Monday night could be one of the more important preseason games in Browns history.