#FreeJoshGordon, Kevin Love, LeBron James, Uber and public urination – WFNY Podcast – 2014-08-27

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I was happy to have Dave Sterling (@dimoko) back on the podcast. We started out accidentally discussing public urination and ended with the breaking news that Josh Gordon’s year-long suspension has been upheld by the NFL.

We also talked about Kevin Love and his “decision” to come to the Cleveland Cavaliers. We talked about LeBron James as a recruiter and the fallacy that some sports fans have at times when a great player is out that the team is “better off” without him.

We ended with the #FreeJoshGordon chat. How depressing.

Check out this episode!

  • dimoko

    pretty happy with my twitter AVI at this point.

  • bobby


    every RTA route. In the upper right corner is the “plan a trip” put your start and end points and you will get directions including transfers.

    Google maps….start point –>end point Route gives you Driving Transit and Walking/Biking directions.

    the RTA 26 bus runs 24 hours a day from public square down Detroit into Rocky River, then goes up Wooster to center ridge and terminates at Wagar and Center Ridge.

    $2.25/ person. They would have got from Downtown to Around the Corner, the bus stops literally right outside the door, faster and cheaper if they would have bothered to look.

    —-BUT one reason I left Rocky River and don’t look back. Rocky River people won’t take the bus because “they” are on the bus.