Home improvements, ultrarunning with booze, Zillow and Sports on Earth – WFNY Podcast – 2014-08-08

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WFNY Podcast LogoDenny texted me to podcast last minute and despite my beverages, we did it. Great time talking about a whole host of topics including…

  • Home improvements and Denny’s new kitchen
  • Babies and missing them
  • Ultrarunning with alcohol
  • Running 5Ks and shorter runs
  • Trulia, Zillow
  • Sports on Earth

Check out this episode!

  • swig


    More important than running is the return of casual Friday.

  • Denny

    If I’d have spent my hour running instead of talking to Craig I might feel better about myself, swiggles :(

  • swig

    I feel better doing yard work with casual Friday, but if you need to feel better to make me feel better I will concede.