It’s Here! The much anticipated Cavaliers schedule

new Cavaliers Primary Logo

Are you ready? The NBA has just released the entire 2014-15 NBA season schedule. We now know who LeBron James and company will play throughout the season. The excitement for the season started with the return of James back to Cleveland. He has allowed Cavs fans to realistically dream of an NBA championship. This excitement seems to have only escalated since the news of the impending Kevin Love trade. The team is close to building their own “Big Three” of Kyrie Irving, James, and Love. This could be one of the most anticipated seasons in Cleveland sports history.

The Cavaliers start the season on October 30th at home versus Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. It will be an electric atmosphere when the Cavs turn the lights down for the first introductions of the new team. James will once again battle his draft classmate in one of the best player matchups in the NBA. The day after the opener, the team heads to Chicago to face Derrick Rose and the Bulls. The Bulls are expected to be Cleveland’s biggest threat to winning the Eastern Conference. Another notable game this coming season is the Christmas Day matchup against the Miami Heat. This will be the first game back in Miami for James after he left in free agency this summer. It is great to be back playing on Christmas and being a part of the great games on that day.

Here are some other notable notes about the 2014-15 Cavaliers season:

  • The Cavs have 29 nationally televised games including 25 games on either ABC, ESPN, or TNT.
  • After the season opener, the team goes on a four game road trip to Chicago, Portland, Utah, and Denver.
  • The Cavs play the defending champions San Antonio Spurs at home on November 19th and at the Spurs on March 12th.
  • After the Christmas game, the Cavs play the Heat at home on April 2nd and February 11th and another at Miami on March 16th.
  • The longest road trip begins on January 9th against the Golden State Warriors. This west coast trip continues on to Sacramento, Phoenix, and end in Los Angeles against both the Lakers and Clippers. It is a five game road trip.
  • The Cavs finish the season on April 15th at home against in Washington Wizards in possible playoff preview.

To view the full Cavaliers schedule Click Here.

  • thenoclist

    Well I’m excited for that Spurs vs. Spurs matchup.

  • RGB

    Ok…now I can start shopping for plane tickets.

  • Mike Bogucci

    Both of them!

  • Lunch

    29 nationally televised games. How many last season? smh.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Amazing isn’t it from forsaken to must see. That’s the price for glory!

  • mgbode

    and that is before NBATV puts their weekly stamp on the team.

  • Pat Leonard

    Yep, good point… I’m thinking about getting the online-only version of League Pass if they still offer that.

  • mgbode

    I honestly don’t remember how it played out last year other than the full TV package was close enough to the rest of the options that I just went in on it.

  • Pat Leonard

    Well that’s a shame… was hoping for some bigger savings from doing the online-only option. Looks like NBA League Pass may have to be my Christmas present again this year… at least it will be more satisfying this time around.

  • cmm13

    LeBron: I’m COMING HOME!!!

    The NBA: Go play out of town on Christmas.

  • King Me

    Unrelated to the schedule, but is it a little weird that blue features so prominently in the primary logo yet only appears on our fourth uniforms?

  • RGB

    Crap. Nixed by the boss.

  • markn95

    At least they’re home for MLK Day. The league really seems to be building up that holiday with afternoon games the last couple years. Not a bad idea to start a new tradition and get the NBA some good publicity in the midst of the NFL playoff mania.

  • Paulie Carbone

    They want to stick with old Wine & Gold colors from the 70s. But people my age identify with the Blue & Orange from the Price/Daugherty era in the 80s. (Nobody likes that awful purple from the 90s). They’re trying to appeal to both groups with the colors in the logo.

  • cmm13

    Uhhh…i think you mean the “black and blue from the 90’s”.

    Bobby is not amused.