Manziel loses to Hoyer, Browns defense and the rest of the camp battles – WFNY Podcast – 2014-08-20

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The fake Jim Kanicki who is also the real Mike Burgermeister came on the podcast to talk about the Browns today.

We talked about the following…

  • Brian Hoyer’s MNF game
  • Johnny Manziel’s MNG game
  • The offensive line vs. the defensive line
  • The Cleveland Browns running attack in 2014
  • Jerome Harrison
  • Browns unhealthy relationship with running backs since Jamal Lewis
  • much much more



Check out this episode!

  • Harv 21

    Good talk, guys.

    Mike, re the “go-to play”: I’ve been begging for this for years, and don’t care what type of play it is. WCO short pass, trap run, whatever. You draft for it, perfect it, and force teams to try and stop it. The “take what they give you” philosophy means you never do anything well, and you have no effective deception.

    Craig, re committing to the run: I’ve heard o-line coaches and linemen say the only way you successfully run is to … run. This means ignoring the squawking when there are periodic three and outs without a pass early in games. The last Browns team that did that committed with rookies Mack and Byner, and that was one ugly caveman offense with aged Gary Danielson and rookie Bernie. There were three and outs and first downs made by inches on third effort. When Lindy Infante opened it up in ’86 the team sure had a running threat to balance Bernie’s passing breakout. Last year’s percentage of passes was ridic, but I guess Norv felt he was backed into the corner with the RBs he was given.

  • Pat Leonard

    I think the ZBS is almost a given at this point. The Browns are going to run the ball well because they have offensive linemen who fit the scheme, running backs who fit the scheme, and the right coach to teach it (likewise I expect the Ravens’ running game to be a lot friskier with Kubiak at the offense’s helm). I would love to see the Browns commit heavily to running the ball, even on most 3rd and short scenarios, because I think that will be their best chance to get steady yardage. It’s going to be obnoxious listening to fans screaming about how they should have passed on 3rd and 2, but this group should be able to pick up 2 yards on a run. That should be expected.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I agree about Norv. I don’t feel like he was opposed to running, but that he found it impossible considering McGahee.