No Art Modell, LeBron James front-running and sports movies with @dimoko – WFNY Podcast – 2014-08-06

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The fine people at the Anything to Add Monty podcast were kind enough to have me on to discuss Draft Day a few months ago. I’m a disorganized fool and never reciprocated, but I was more than happy to have Dave Sterling on. When I did that podcast there was really good chemistry as we went from liking Draft Day to nearly despising it as we talked about it.

Here’s what else we talked about…

  • Dave decides to become an Uber driver
  • Anything to Add Monty and sports movies like Ladybugs and Goon
  • Art Modell doesn’t belong in the hall of fame ever
  • Being a Cavs frontrunner now that LeBron is back
  • How to root between Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer
  • General bitterness from Craig
  • Other Pleasantries

Check out this episode!

  • bobby

    Hey fellas. RE Uber Lyft Sidecar.

    Check with your insurance company and don’t believe the word of the company who stands to profit off of you telling you it is “all good”

    You are performing a service for money (the 1099), which usually requires Commercial insurance and not your normal car insurance…AND you generally cannot get commercial insurance unless you are operating a commercial vehicle IE Taxi, Livery Vehicle, Bus, Truck.

    That drunk lady falls out of your car and shatters her arm? Blue Cross might just come looking for you to pay the bill as State Farm abandons you.

    Good Luck with thinking it is all okay.. Somebody somewhere is going to get bent over real good on this one. I hope it isn’t you.

    The lawyers and the insurance companies will have a field day with this. I know who won’t win = The person who made $1,500.00 last year driving for any of them.

  • Craig Lyndall

    Right. I was trying to say that Uber and Lyft have put their commercial polices as primary from everything I’ve read. Personal policies aren’t adequate to cover commercial endeavors. I agree.

  • bobby

    I am not a lawyer and none of this should be constituted as legal advice.

    I suggesting checking with YOUR insurance company not THEIR insurance company. Just engaging in commercial activity in your personal vehicle could completely void your personal vehicle insurance policy altogether.

    I think you will find that their insurance policy protects them more than you.

    It is one thing to do some freelance writing or produce a blog out of your house. Be very careful about putting yourself out there publicly as a “business” without all the appropriate safeguards. And picking up/dropping off people for money is a business and a commercial actvity. With a much higher risk of something going wrong.

    If/when something goes wrong and you haven’t conformed to the local city/state regulations you will find yourself in a boat load of trouble.

    Just as an example. The city of Lakewood requires you to have a business license to engage in commercial activity within their borders. Costs $60.

    “Businesses located or doing business in Lakewood must obtain a local business license prior to commencing operations.”

    Did those companies do that for you? For them? Does the Uber Business license (assuming they actually got one) cover you? the independent contractor? Or did that agreement you click through tell you you had to conform to all local rules and regulations?

    Just wait until the Lakewood city law department realize they can get a boatload of free money by subpoenaing Uber and Lyft and getting every driver that picked up or dropped off in Lakewood to kick in $60 + penalties and interest.