The Indians are slipping and sliding (during a rain delay)


The Cleveland Indians got rained out last night, but they looked like they were having about as much fun as they’ve had all season long. Turning the Progressive Field tarp into a giant slip’n’slide is never a bad idea.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Oh so many jokes could be made, so so many!

  • Ezzie Goldish

    No other good place to post this, so here goes:

    While the above was actually fun to watch, it only happened after 3 hours of absolutely horrible communication by the Indians.

    For three hours, the scoreboard kept saying that the Indians are in contact with WKYC and will inform fans of developments. Not once was there any information shared. Fans weren’t told if or when a game might begin again; what the weather radar was telling them; had no information to judge whether it was worth staying or not, or whether they had any options if they chose to leave; etc.

    On top of that, they clearly blew whatever they did know, announcing finally after 3 hours (!!) at 11pm (!) that the game would resume at 11:30… only to have an absolute deluge hit at… 11:29. My friend (a D-backs fan) and I made a run for it and got absolutely drenched. My brother, who was there with three kids, tried to wait out the deluge in the stadium along with many others… and after a few minutes the Cleveland Police asked them to please vacate the stadium. Waiting around for three hours with concessions is fine, but waiting 10 minutes for the rain to stop? Not acceptable.

    To the Indians’ credit, though: They did a nice job of keeping stuff open and staffed, and specifically the 2-3 young guys who ran the Kids Zone baseball field were incredible. They kept pitching and playing with the kids who were waiting it out for the entire three hours, keeping a really positive attitude and just all around being fun. They also told my brother yesterday when he asked for other options for their tickets (they had come in from NY and can’t come back for another game) that they recognized they’d been very poor about communicating what was happening to fans. They also did a nice job of getting me comparable seats yesterday to the ones I’d had the day before – one section over and two rows back.

    But communication is key, and they absolutely failed in that regard.