Watch highlights of soon-to-be Cavalier Kevin Love


Now that Woj has dropped his bomb, I finally feel it’s appropriate to see some Kevin Love highlights. I have admitted numerous times that even as I know Kevin Love is good, I haven’t actually watched him play a ton of games. Hopefully his buckets come far easier when he’s playing alongside LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

  • eldaveablo

    Wow. Is it me, or does he particularly abuse Tristan Thompson?

  • Harv 21

    Love porn. Salivating at the future of the Cavs ball movement, both with him as the trigger and the recipient. Waiters has been watching tape of Wade? He needs to watch how Love rewards cutters and guys who space, and how Love himself moves.

    Watching this reminds me of how Love’s varied inside game resembles a poor man’s Kevin McHale, the best PF inside moves I ever saw. And makes me remember why McHale, with his ferocious defense as well, slid right into the HOF.


    Kevin Love outlet passes to LeBron, Kyrie, and Dion streaking up the sidelines = Blatt is drooling. Love is one of the best passing big men in the game.

  • 6thCity

    I would love to see some write ups about Love’s game. I can’t be the only one who only catches Cavs games and play offs.