August 26, 2014

The Huh Continues: The NBA Draft, Kevin Love and the Quest for LeBron



The NBA draft is tonight.

It’s finally here. We made it. After months of speculation, the Cavs will actually draft someone with the first overall pick.

Or they’ll be the first team in two decades to trade the first pick.

You know, either or.

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Cavs unlikely lotto win gives them plenty of options



Who figured that the Season of Huh had one last insane twist in store for us, eh? The fact that the Cavs won the NBA Lottery (once again) still hasn’t sunk in. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d land the top pick. I’m almost embarrassed by it. Almost.

Who expects that their team will win the lottery three times in four years? Hell, I went into Tuesday night simply hoping that the Cavs wouldn’t get jumped and move down from ninth to 10th. Sure, vaulting into the top three would’ve been amazing, but after Cleveland’s recent lottery luck, I wouldn’t even let myself ponder that possibility.

Yet here we are. I’m still in shock. I’m not kidding when I say that the first thing I did last Wednesday morning was check my phone to make sure I didn’t dream Tuesday night’s lotto results.  [Read more...]

The Season of Huh: Your 2013-14 Cleveland Cavaliers

Mike BrownSometimes a professional sports team can have one of those dream seasons. A year where everything seems to go right. One of those seasons where seemingly minor acquisitions pay big dividends, where the Krenzel bootleg is inexplicably unstoppable or somehow Sandy Alomar Jr ends up batting in every clutch situation. Whatever the reason, all the little things break your way and the season becomes bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

We’ve all heard the terms; the season of dreams, a team of destiny.

The 2013-14 Cleveland Cavaliers are the exact opposite of that.

The Cavs are finishing up one of the most bizarre seasons I’ve ever witnessed. They re-hired their old coach. Tristan Thompson changed shooting hands. All three free agent acquisitions fell flat. Players fought with coaches. Players fought with other players. Players fought with reporters. Hell, players fought with Josh Gordon. They had two first round picks that couldn’t crack the rotation of a 30 win team. But the Cavs also had some nice moments. [Read more...]

#CavsRank: At No. 7, Terrell Brandon

Welcome to #CavsRank, the illustrious ranking of the best all-time Cleveland Cavaliers players from some of your favorite Cavs bloggers. Today we -belatedly- check in No. 7 on our list, two-time All-Star Terrell Brandon. Please take some time to check out the entries at Fear The Sword, Real Cavs Fans, Cavs: The Blog, and Stepien Rules.

Brandon SI CoverWere you aware that is only one Terrell Brandon highlight mix on YouTube? One. And it’s not a particularly breathtaking video either. It’s full of Brandon nailing mid range jumpers and pedestrian passes to open teammates.

Which is kind of fitting, as Brandon (and his era of Cleveland basketball) is routinely overlooked. In fact, how little people knew of Brandon was one of the main takeaways from the famous Sports Illustrated piece1.

In 457 games as a Cavalier, Terrell Brandon finished 11th all-time in points (9th when he left), 4th in assists, 5th in steals and 3rd in free throw percentage at 86.8%.  Brandon made two All-Star teams while in Cleveland and his Cavalier squads made the playoffs in five out of his six seasons in the wine & gold  teal & black (and although the Cavs missed the playoffs his final season in Cleveland, they still managed to finish above .500 at 42-40).

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  1. From the SI article: “Sadly, or predictably, he is not very famous for what you can only call an outlandish maturity. He’s not very famous for anything, actually. Not even in Cleveland. A parking-lot attendant one block from Gund Arena eyes him getting out of his Explorer (his one extravagance; his only other car, a 1991 325 BMW, dates to his NBA signing six years ago). “Are you a Cav?” the attendant inquires. Brandon says yes, sir. The attendant, delighted, says, “Oh, man!…What’s your name?” []

#CavsRank – No. 16 Ron Harper: the great Cavalier ‘what if’


Unless you’re counting Ricky Davis or Darius Miles (which I am not), the Cavs didn’t have an another athletic wing like Ron Harper until they drafted LeBron James in 2003.

Welcome to #CavsRank, the illustrious ranking of the best all-time Cleveland Cavaliers players from some of your favorite Cavs bloggers. Today, Ohio native Ron Harper checks in at No. 16. 

“Cleveland, to this day, would have had better success if they would have kept Ron Harper, because he was one of the guys who gave me the most problems in the Eastern Conference.” – Michael Jordan

The Cavs drafted Ron Harper 8th overall in the 1986 NBA draft. A big scoring guard out of Miami of Ohio, Harper was considered by some to be the best athlete in the draft. The Cavs had already selected North Carolina center Brad Daugherty with the top pick (although older Cavs fans will tell you that, post-draft cocaine overdose not withstanding, Maryland’s Len Bias should’ve been the top pick) and were looking for an athletic wing to pair with new big man. Harp fit the bill. Over his first three seasons, the high-flying Harper averaged a shade over 19 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds per game.

The Cavs and GM Wayne Embry were following the Oklahoma City model before the “Oklahoma City model” was just a lazy way to describe “building through the draft”. Embry picked up Mark Price in a draft day trade with the Mavericks and Harper, Daugherty, and power forward Hot Rod Williams (drafted by the Cavs in ’85 but sat out a year due to a point-shaving trial) made the All-Rookie Team the following season. [Read more...]

Cavs at the halfway point, everything sucks


When I’m shouting “move move move”, that’s code for “stand there”, got it?

I was really looking forward to this Cavalier season.  No more lottery visits for us, no sir. The Cavs were making a push towards the playoffs. They were taking the Next Step. I was excited to see Mike Brown take over a young team with (potentially) multiple offensive weapons. No longer would Brown be beholden to a superstar, he’d be able to work with multiple young first rounders and mold them into competent NBA players. This year was going to be different.


The Cavs, at 15-27, are not good. They lost by more 40 points to the 15-26 Sacramento Kings. They lost at home to a Bulls team missing roughly their 17 best players. They had not one, but two five second inbound violations against the Mavericks (with one coming on their final possession). And these are games after the Luol Deng trade.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are not a good basketball team.

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Browns-Bears Inactives for Week 15

Jason Campbell will start at quarterback today for the Browns against the Chicago Bears.  Jay Cutler will reclaim his starting quarterback job from Josh McCown after missing the previous four games with groin and ankle injuries. The move has left some scratching their heads, as McCown is coming off the best statistical three game stretch ever for a Chicago Bears.

The Browns announced today that  quarterback Alex Tanney will be inactive for Sunday’s game and that Brandon Weeden will serve as Jason Campbell’s backup. Other inactives for the Browns include running back Willis McGahee, offensive linemen John Grecko and rookies Martin Wallace and Reid Fragel (GO BUCKS), as well as tight ends Keavon Milton and Andre Smith. Jason Pinkston will start in place of Grecko and Chris Ogbonnaya will take McGahee’s starting running back spot (with Fozzy Whtitaker expected to see time as well).

For the Bears, veteran linebacker Lance Briggs will miss today’s game with a shoulder injury. Joining Briggs on Chicago’s inactives list are quarterback Jordan Palmer, defensive back Sean Cattouse, tackles James Brown and Jonathan Scott, defensive tackle Christian Tupou, and defensive end Cornelius Washington.

With some light snow on the ground and winds swirling at reportedly 20-30 mph, it should be a pretty fun and entertaining game.

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While We’re Waiting… Cavs come close, Mac Brown out at Texas and Bears tickets are pretty available.

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to 


I know there’s no moral victory, but man, that they fought back really [moral victory]. “To start the second half, Cleveland took advantage of their primary positional advantage: Tristan Thompson against the undersized power forward duo of Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis.  TT scored eight points in the first four minutes, as the Cavs mounted a 15 to 5 run.  The defense started tightening / the Heat actually missed a few shots, as Miami scored only ten points in the quarter’s first nine minutes, as part of a 16 point quarter.  At the closest, the deficit narrowed to three, and heading into the fourth, Cleveland trailed 80 to 84.

The forward march continued early in the fourth, as a 28-footer by Earl Clark, corner threes by Waiters and Dellavedova, a floater by Jack, and a driving layup by Dion, forced Miami to call two timeouts in the first five minutes of the quarter.   Cleveland led 95 to 91 with a little over seven minutes to go.  Out of the timeout, Wade and Lebron both scored, tying the game at 95.  Dion attacked and scored four though, followed by an Andy free throw, again staking Cleveland to a two point lead.  Unfortunately, Tristan didn’t check back in until a couple minutes left, and regardless of how much we love Dellavedova, a crunch time line-up featuring he and Earl Clark is probably in trouble against the Miami Heat.  In a little over two minutes, the bad guys raced to an 11 to 3 run, eventually escaping with their XXX point win.

A win would have been ridiculously awesome, but in wasn’t meant to be, on the road, playing on a back-to-back against the defending champions.” [Kevin Hetrick/Cavs: The Blog]. [Read more...]

Charles Barkley thinks LeBron should come back, says Cleveland has “great fans”

Because it never ends. We’re gonna be dealing with “LeBron could/should/might/won’t come back to the Cavs” stories until the minute he retires. And I’m willing to bet that we’ll see a few “LeBron should unretire and play for the Cavs” stories before all is said and done.

In an interview with CNN’s Rachel Nichols, Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley said that he thought LeBron should’ve stayed in Cleveland and that he should return as a free agent. He also said not to take anything he said seriously. From the Sun-Sentinal:

Barkley: “I thought LeBron shoulda stayed in Cleveland. Just ’cause he got them rings now, he ain’t no better. Think about the notion that, just because I didn’t win a sportin’ event, my life is not successful.  That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

Nichols: “At the end of the year, he has the option to opt out in Miami. You want him back in Cleveland?”

Barkley: “I think it’d be great for him to go back to Cleveland. Number one, I don’t think they are great fans in Miami. I thought they were great fans in Cleveland.”

Nichols: “People in Miami already don’t like you; you’re gonna dig a deeper hole with this interview.”

Barkley: “I’m not digging a deeper — they’re not the — listen, those were the same fans who were leaving when they thought they had lost to the Spurs. So let’s don’t act like they’re super fans.”

That’s really the least interesting thing of the entire interview. Barkley goes on to talk about his relationship with Michael Jordan and his future plans to become an NBA GM in two year (You think Chris Grant lasts that long?? I’m not so optimistic).

Barkley says that LeBron isn’t better just because he has rings now. I guess that’s sorta true. But I’d argue that LeBron is better now simply cause he’s, um, better. Jacob has talked about shot charts in the past and LeBron’s is fairly insane. He’s simply a better basketball player right now than he ever was in Cleveland (which is saying something, because he was great here). Give Mike Brown, Danny Ferry and Gilbert all the crap you want, but if LeBron played like this as a Cavalier… *sigh*

The Cavs (9-13) are in Miami tonight looking for their first four game win streak in the Post-LeBron Era. They notched their second road win of the season on Friday night, when they beat the Magic 109-100. The Heat (16-6) are both well rested and coming off a loss, so the Cavs could be in the trouble. LeBron and company haven’t played since their 90-84 loss to the Pacers on Tuesday night.

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Cavs optimism vs Cavs pessimism


Two road wins, baby!

This has been a really bizarre Cavalier season. They’re in Year 3 of the Kyrie Irving era and by all accounts the Cavs want to be making the playoffs. They signed veterans Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum and they had the top pick in the daft to help that playoff push. But they ended their first month with a 5-12 record and they looked no where close to the playoffs.

I go back and forth on this team. When they lose, they look bad. Like, really really really really bad. Not even in the game against a mediocre team bad. The offense stalls, the defense breaks down and things look hopeless.

But the Cavs also win games at home. They even win more than half of their games at home. That’s some sunshine, right? One of the first steps to becoming an actual honest-to-god Good NBA Team is to take care of your business at home. The Cavs are 7-3 at The Q and they’ve beaten some teams, like Denver and the Clippers, who seem to be kinda sorta decent.

It’s early. We’re only in December and the Cavs have a team full of young dudes and a new coach. But also not early. At 9-13, the Cavs have played roughly a quarter of their 82 game season and they’ve already held a Players Only meeting. We’re getting into the dog days of the NBA season, the Dec-Jan-Feb slate, and this is when teams being to separate themselves and we begin to see who is who.

So who are the Cavs? I sure as hell don’t know! Do you? Could you tell me? This is a team that is 7-3 at home but 2-10 on the road. They’ll struggle to beat the Sixers but handle the Clippers fairly handily. They play defense, or at least more defense than they’ve played in recent years, but the offense has suffered. They’ve won five of their last six but they’re still only on pace for about 34 wins.

The Cavs, like so many things in life, are part good, part bad. There’s definitely some things to like, but also quite a few things to dislike. I don’t envy Chris Grant having to sort through this mess (assuming, of course, that Grant still has his GM powers after selecting Anthony Bennett with the first overall pick). When do you have enough info on a player? When do you need to make a change and when do let things sit and simmer?

When is optimism warranted and when is pessimism necessary?

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Cavs Earn Second Road Win of the Season, Top Orlando 109-100

kyrieI had really low expectations heading into Friday’s game. I couldn’t help it. The Cavs (9-13) entered the evening just 1-10 on the road and man, have they had some stinkers. They haven’t had the greatest track record of getting up for… less than stellar competition. They were blown out by the Hawks, they were never in it against Boston, and hell, even their one road win against the Wizards they needed a 15-point comeback, overtime and 41 points from Kyrie Irving to escape DC with their only road victory.

So when the Cavs were down double digits in the first quarter and my cable went out, I wasn’t really sure how upset I was. Sure, I wanted to watch the game, but the Cavs let Orlando get 17(!!) fastbreak points in the first quarter. This had all the markings of another road stinker and with LeBron and the Heat looming on Saturday, the basketball weekend looked bleak.

But the Cavs persevered. They cut down on their unforced turnovers in the second quarter (which, go figure, helped keep the Magic out of transition) and, despite Mike Brown, turned up their offense. Cleveland shot 63% from the floor the second quarter and they got a 17 point boost from second unit in the period. Oh, and that Kyrie guy added ten points of his own and the Cavs went into halftime trailing by a score of 51-50.

Irving added another 10 of his game-high 31 points in the third, Dion Waiters scored the Cavs’ first 14 points of the fourth and Cleveland’s young guards powered the Cavs’ to a 109-100 victory in Orlando. Rookie-of-the -Year candidate Victor Oladipo stuffed the stat box for Orlando with a 26-5-4-4-3 and Jameer Nelson and Aaron Afflalo each scored 17 for the Magic, who fell to 7-16 on the season.

The Cavs have won five of their last six and look to continue their season long three game win streak tonight when they face the Heat in Miami (gulp). [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Urban signs a QB, a look a the Hot Stove & Cavs Zine 4 news

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to

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I think Norv has done a pretty solid job this season. “For the Browns offense this year, the only constant has been change.

It’s well documented the Browns have played three different quarterbacks this season due to the combination of injury and poor performance in Brandon Weeden,Brian Hoyer and now Jason Campbell. Weeden has started a total of 5 games, as has Campbell with Hoyer starting three.

There has also been turmoil at the running back position.

It’s looking more and more as though Willis McGahee will miss this week’s game due to a concussion he suffered late in the loss to the Patriots. He has not been cleared to return to the practice field thus far.

“I really think that there’s there’s been a lot of scenarios we’ve had to deal with, but if you would’ve told me in August that Trent Richardson wasn’t going to be here and we were going to play three different quarterbacks and they all were going to start about 3 1/2 to 4 games or whatever they’ve done…” Turner said. “We’ve had some other issues to deal with, obviously the running back situation and I think you’d be saying this offense would struggle.”” [Fred Greetham/Orange and Brown Report].

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Cavs vs Magic Behind The Box Score: We’re Goin’ Streaking

They say box scores don’t tell the whole story. Behind The Box Score is a new series where from time to time we will attempt to look behind the box score and tell more of the complete story of what happened in the game.


Both Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters got to the rim against Orlando.

With their 109-100 victory on Friday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won five of their last six and find themselves riding their first (of many???) three-game win streak of the season. If the playoffs started today, your 9-13 Cavs would sneak in as the eight seed in the (L)Eastern Conference.

I wasn’t so sure the Cavs would win their third consecutive game. The Cavs entered the night just 1-10 on the road and I never know if they’ll show up against (other) bad teams.

Friday’s game began in much the same way that most Cavalier road games have started: poorly. Cleveland came out listless and trailed by as many as 14 points (26-12) in the first quarter. The offense looked clunky and you couldn’t help but wonder if the Cavs’ road woes would continue. But the Cavs got a nice second quarter boost from Anthony Bennett (six whole points!) and they closed the half on a 10-4 run and went into halftime trailing by just a point, 51-50.

Kyrie Irving scored 10 of his game high 31 in the third period to keep the Cavs afloat and they entered the fourth trailing 76-73. Then Dion Waiters went off.  Waiters scored Cleveland’s first 14 points of the fourth period and his onslaught (including two assists) gave the Cavs the cushion they needed to close the game. It was a great to see both Kyrie and Dion have solid games on the same night (even if it was still a bit “my turn, your turn”) and the Cavs closed out a win on the road.

Five of six. The Cleveland Cavaliers have won five of six.

Onto the numbers!

2 - Orlando’s Andrew Nicholson received a flagrant-2 with 0:10 left game when he shoved Anderson Varejao out-of-bounds after Andy made a (wide open) layup to beat the press. The Orlando bigs Nicholson and Nikola Vucevic have burned the Cavs in the past, but they seemed frustrated on Friday night. Both committed stupid penalties down the stretch, but none more dumb that Nicholson’s late game shove. Varejao went down clutching his knee and the Cavs and Magic players soon found themselves in a small scrum (in a surprise to no one, Dion Waiters made sure Nicholson knew that he had Andy’s back).

14 - Anderson Varejao finished with 10 points, 14 boards countless little hustle plays. It was vintage Varejao. Andy’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors and this was the type of performance we’ll miss if the Brazilian big man gets dealt. But I won’t lie, the minute Andy went down clutching his knee, my first thought was “are you kidding, he won’t make it to the deadline again?!”. Varejao was at his best when it counted; he had a put-back with just under a minute to put the Cavs up 103-96 and followed it with a strip of Vucevic on the ensuing play to basically seal the victory.

10 - The Cavs average roughly 16 turnovers a game and they only coughed the ball up ten times versus the Magic (and by my unofficial count, five of those TO’s were in the ugly first quarter). When the Cavs can get out of their own way, the offense doesn’t look completely awful.

16 - Matthew Dellavedova was a +16 in his 19 minutes of court time. His defense was annoyingly effective, per usual, and he provided just enough offense (9 points, 2-3 3pt FG) to give the Cavs a much needed boost on both ends of the floor.

26 - Orlando rookie Victor Oladipo had 26 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals, 3 blocks and 2 turnovers in 37 minutes. I got nothing else. 26-5-4-4-3. *sigh*

8 and 9 - The Cavs got just eight total points and nine rebounds combined from their starting front court. Tristan Thompson had 6 points and 7 boards in 28 minutes, Bynum finished with 2 and 2 in 18 minutes and Alonzo Gee gave the Cavs a big fat zero in 11 minutes. The good news is, everyone should be well rested for LeBron and the Heat on Saturday night.

76 - On the flip side, the Cavalier guards went off. 76 of the Cavaliers 109 points were scored by the backcourt. Kyrie had 31, Dion had 21, CJ Miles had 10, Dellavedova had 9 and Jarrett Jack had 5.

The Cavs finish up their Florida trip on Saturday night when they face the Heat in Miami.

Photo copyright 2013 NBAE (Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images)

Week Eight: Browns vs Ravens Open Thread



Brandon Weeden nearly beat the Ravens in Baltimore. That happened. It was a horrible game to watch and sure, Baltimore’s one-point lead felt like 50. But the Browns only lost 14-6.

Jason Campbell took some snaps in the game and… it wasn’t pretty.

That game feels like a life time ago. Josh Gordon had yet to play a down, Trent Richardson was still with the Browns and Brian Hoyer hadn’t won, and then broken, our hearts.

This game should be different. The Browns are at home, they should get at least passable (or maybe just non-hideous?) quarterback play and the Ravens will actually have to game plan for a Browns offensive weapon. This is a winnable game for the Brownies.

Hope, I haz it.

Here’s a look back on the Browns coverage from WFNY:

Rick killed it this past week, wondering which Browns team will show up on Sunday, how the Browns need to avoid penalties and he gives them his midseason report card. TD asked what would Banner do? Scott took a look at ACL injuries and what to expect from Travis Benjamin and Brian Hoyer. And Craig broke down the Browns’ loss the Chiefs and talked to Scott Raab about the loss in KC.

This is your Week 8 open thread.

Go Browns!


Ohio State blows out the Boilermakers 56-0, now 21-0 under Meyer

Carlos Hyde is athletic.

Carlos Hyde is athletic.

This game was never going to be close, but Purdue did themselves no favors. We weren’t even a full minute into the game when Doran Grant returned Danny Etling’s interception to the house to put Ohio State up 7-0. Purdue proceeded to go three and out on their next possession but a crappy punt gave Ohio State the ball in Purdue’s territory. Two plays later, Braxton Miller found TE Jeff Heuerman for a 40-yard TD.

Less than five minutes into the game, Ohio State had a 14-0 lead and that was that.

Braxton Miller threw for 233 yards (19/23) and four touchdowns and Carlos Hyde ran for 111 yards to lead the Buckeyes to a 56-0 shellacking of Purdue. The Buckeye defense was equally as dominating as the Ohio State offense. The Buckeye D held the Boilermakers to just 116 total yards of offense. The victory improved Urban Meyer’s Ohio State record to 21-0 and their 21-game win streak is the longest in the nation.

It’s hard to take away anything concrete from a 56-0 game. I’ve seen Scarlet and Gray games that were more competitive. Ohio State certainly played well, but Purdue was fumbling away simple handoffs. Of course, I certainly prefer OSU to blow out the crappy teams (optics matter in college football), but as much as a love a victory, this wasn’t exactly a fun game to watch. And as much as I enjoy watching Michigan lose (as they did to Michigan State), the OSU-UM game only matters because Michigan used to be more than pretty good. The Big Ten is doing Urban Meyer and Ohio State no favors.

This is now back-to-back blowouts for Ohio State. It’s really the best thing they can do to help themselves. Yes, Purdue isn’t that good, but OSU took a bunch of flack for not hammering Iowa and Northwestern. With their schedule drawing so much ire and the Big Ten being, well, the Bit Ten, Ohio State has to dominate the Purdues of the world. I expect them to do the same thing in two weeks in Illinois and the following week against Indiana at home. These game have to be blowouts. If multiple teams end the season undefeated, Ohio State needs all the style points they can get.  [Read more...]

Pacers prove to be too much, overpower Cavs 89-74

This... this is a mismatch.

This… this is a mismatch.

The Indiana Pacers are pretty damn good at basketball. The Pacers lead the league in defensive efficiency last season and they took LeBron and the Heat to a seventh game in the Eastern Conference Finals. This year, they look even better. Paul George has matured (and allegedly grown two inches), Lance Stephens0n has improved and Roy Hibbert continues to expand his game (now with a jumper!). The Pacers are really really good.

And they gave the Cavs fits.

Paul George finished with 21 points and 13 boards, Lance Stephenson led everyone with 22 points and the Pacers methodically put away the Cavaliers, 89-74. The Pacers dominated the glass, holding the Cavaliers to just six offensive boards (the Cavs had 16 and 11 against the Nets and Bobcats, respectively) and out rebounded Cleveland  by a margin of 51-37.

The Pacers held the Cavs to 38% shooting and their length frustrated the Cavalier backcourt. Both Irving and Waiters finished with more shots than points. Irving went 6-17 and finished with 15 points and Dion shot 7-21 for 17 points. The front court was bothered by Indy’s strong D as well; Thompson went 1-5 and Earl Clark was 0-4. Anderson Varejao was the only Cavalier to shoot decently well (6-9 from the floor), but the Pacers were more than happy to give Andy that 15 elbow jumper. To his credit, Andy knocked ‘em down, but I imagine Indiana coach Frank Vogel will live with those results.

Also, they did all this without starting point guard George Hill.

The Cavs are clearly out of sync in this early part of the season. When the ball isn’t stagnating, the Cavaliers are over passing. They’ll forego decent-to-good looks and try to make the perfect pass. Varejao, in particular, is really forcing the issue, often forcing interior bounce passes that, should they make it through the defense, doesn’t allow his teammate a particularly good look (and I won’t even his alley oop to Earl Clark). The Cavs will eventually figure themselves out and get on the same page but the Pacers are not the team you want to face when you’re out of sorts.

[Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Ohio State marches on, Haden’s blackboard material and looking at the Tribe’s offseason

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to

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Jeez, Ohio State, why do you keep having to schedule teams like Purd- oh. I see. “The Buckeyes scored on the second play of the game – a 33-yard pick-six by Doran Grant – and their second play from scrimmage – a Braxton Miller-to Jeff Heuerman 40-yard touchdown pass – to assert their dominance and set the cruise control en route to a 56-0 victory. It was the second shutout of the season and first against an FBS opponent since the 2011 season opener versus Akron.

Win No. 21 in a row came with nary a tremble for Ohio State fans. Since the turn of the 21st century, the Buckeyes were just 2-4 in West Lafayette prior to Saturday. It took all of one quarter to reverse the curse. In recent weeks, college football has been tossed into a hamster ball and flung around with upsets rearranging the rankings the past two weekends. Fourth-ranked Ohio State made sure it wouldn’t be part of the trend in Week 3.

“You take a look two years, [Ohio State] lost. Last year, we could’ve lost to the same team. This year, we played at a much high level,” head coach Urban Meyer said. “I know the history. We actually had a great discussion about it. Jack Mewhort brought it up. These players are very smart. They understood it and came out and took care of business.”” [Kyle Rowland/Eleven Warriors]. [Read more...]

Cavs come out flat, fall to Bobcats 90-84

jack brown

“So… uh… about that shot”

Thus dies the dream of the perfect season.

Kemba Walker had 24 points, including a three with just under a minute to play to put Charlotte ahead 87-84, and Bismack Biyombo finished with 11 points and 10 boards to lead the Charlotte Bobcats over the Cleveland Cavaliers 90-84. Tristan Thompson paced the Cavs with 21 points and 11 boards and CJ Miles poured in 22 points off the bench but it wasn’t enough. Kyrie Irving finished with 16 points and seven assists but was bothered by an elbow stinger and went scoreless during the final period.

To say I was hoping for a better performance from our young Cavaliers would be an understatement. After their exciting victory on opening night against the Brooklyn Nets, I expected the Cavs to come out and handle their business against the lowly Charlotte Bobcats. If this squad will be playing the postseason, they’ll have to take advantage of teams like the Bobcats, especially with their best player, Al Jefferson, sitting out due to injury. [Read more...]

Week Seven: Browns vs Packers Open Thread



Brandon Weeden and the Browns will look to bounce from last week’s frustrating loss when they take the field against the Packers in Green Bay. This is our first Sunday with the Browns in the late afternoon slot. I’m not sure how I feel about this game. On one hand, the Packers are fairly beat up and are missing quite a few receivers. On the other hand, they still have Aaron Rogers. He’s a concern.

Hey, did you know that Aaron Rogers though he might be drafted by the Browns? Crazy, huh. Also, Tristan Thompson changed shooting hands and Jerome Bettis hails from the Detroit area. And Peyton Manning used to play for the Colts. Craziness.

Also, the Browns signed WR Charles Johnson off of Green Bay’s practice squad and it turns he had a torn ACL. So that happened.

Here’s some of the delicious Browns goodness that WFNY served up this past week:

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Preseason rolls on, Cavs fall to Pacers 102-79

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the big fella likes to shoot

To say I’m excited for the Cavaliers first post-Decision, non-tanking season would be an understatement. I have probably watched more preseason NBA basketball this year than at any other point in my life. Sure, 2013 marks the first time that every preseason game has been televised (about friggin time) but I snuck in a road trip to Canton to watch the Cavs face the Bobcats (not to mention the obligatory trip to Swenson’s).

With a young roster feature two intriguing rookies and a coach who is implementing this thing called “defense”, I’ve been soaking up as much preseason Cavaliers basketball as I possibly can. And while this preseason has been a lot of fun, it’s kinda hard to draw many conclusions from October basketball.

The Cavs lost to the Pacers 102-79 in Cleveland on Saturday night. What does that tell us? Could the young Cavs, after beating up on teams like Orlando, Philly and Milwaukee, not handle a top team like the Pacers? Or did Mike Brown simply let his bench go against Indiana’s starters for much of the third and fourth quarters? (It… did not go well).

Even though I’m cautiously optimistic about Cleveland’s 3-2 preseason record, knowing that the Pacer victory improved Indiana’s preseason record to a paltry 1-5 is a bit of a wake up call.

Huh. The Pacers, a team who took Miami to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, were winless in four preaseason games before Saturday. Oh ya, that’s right. These games don’t matter.

Sure, that should probably be obvious given the fact that someone named Matthew Dellavedova got the most court time of any Cavalier. But still. As much as I’ve enjoyed flashes from Anthony Bennett and Sergey Karasev, I’m beyond ready for the real games to start.

David West led all scorers with 20 points, and Lance Stephenson added 13, as the Pacers took care of the Cavs by a final score of 102-79. Kyrie Irving led the Cavs with 15 points and five assists and top pick Anthony Bennett notched his first double-double, with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

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