Von Miller and Cleveland Browns non-QB draft misses

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Justin Gilbert

Von Miller is an example of how the Cleveland Browns miss on more than just quarterbacks.

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Games, stadium debts, and Deftones: While We’re Waiting…

Scott Sargent/WFNY

A look at the closing of Yahoo! Games, stadium funding, and some Deftones.

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Johnny Manziel and the prevailing Cleveland Browns sadness

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Practice

Sports are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? Well, I am not getting enjoyment out of the impending Cleveland Browns cutting ties with Johnny Manziel. It’s a complex issue even given the clarity of being the right one for everyone involved. We’ve just seen so much in Cleveland and with so many different types of

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All about Super Bowl ads with thunder::tech – WFNY Podcast – No. 455

One of a billion Nationwide memes spawned from their bad commercial.

Want to know the inside baseball of Super Bowl ads?

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Do you trust David Griffin? – WFNY Podcast No. 454

Scott Sargent/WFNY

Dave Sterling is BACK on the podcast with Craig. It’s been a bit since Dave was on, but we had an agenda printed out and everything to keep us on track. We discussed the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, the Cavaliers in a post-Blatt world, and also David Griffin. In Griffin we trust, apparently.

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Johnny Manziel adds another off-field incident to his Cleveland Browns résumé

Johnny Manziel

Good news! Johnny Manziel wasn’t arrested! When that’s the silver lining of the latest off-field issue involving your former first round draft pick, it’s not good. The days of Johnny Manziel being a Cleveland Browns headline might be in even shorter supply than was thought. It was just this past week that we were discussing

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Sportsmanship, System of a Down, and The Gloria Record: While We’re Waiting…


Taking sportsmanship to a ridiculous level… Sportsmanship is one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids with athletics. There’s teamwork and working toward goals and many other lessons as well, but sportsmanship is pretty high on the list. In life you find yourself competing and it’s good to know how to be

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Browns reportedly interview Brian Xanders for top personnel spot

(Kirby Lee - USA Today)

The position might not be called “general manager,” but the Cleveland Browns are interviewing candidates who have held that position just the same. The Browns have reportedly interviewed Brian Xanders – formerly of the Denver Broncos and currently of the Detroit Lions – to fill their top personnel spot. Mary Kay Cabot had the scoop.

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The inside scoop on Stipe Miocic – WFNY Podcast No. 453

Stipe Wins

Stipe Miocic had a title fight and now it appears to have disappeared as quickly as it showed up. What’s next for Cleveland’s heavyweight?

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Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and David Blatt – WFNY Podcast No. 452

AP Photo/Jack Dempsey, File

It was an entertaining weekend of football with the Broncos and Peyton Manning defeating Tom Brady and the Pats. Or was it the defenses? Coaches? I discuss those matchups as well as the decimation that the Carolina Panthers put on the Cardinals. Finally we discuss the David Blatt firing and the reality of the Cavaliers’

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Less saying the ‘right things,’ more ‘winning football games’

Paul DePodesta and Sashi Brown

Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta spoke eloquently on Thursday, saying “all the right things.” Words, however, only carry so much weight for Browns fans looking for wins.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are still worthy of your love: While We’re Waiting…

LeBron James Kyrie Irving Kevin Love Media Day 2015

Very happy to be back this week after having a week off to move my business. Now that I’m settled in, I feel like I can get into the groove of 2016. So While We’re Waiting…

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Not extrapolating Cavaliers nasty loss to Warriors – WFNY Podcast No. 451

Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t feel even remotely bad about leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers game early on Monday as they got plastered by the Warriors. Even as I was annoyed and embarrassed by them, I’m not ready to draw a bunch of conclusions for the 2016 playoffs just yet. Also, we mark the beginning of Cleveland Indians attendance

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Hue Jackson is taking unnecessary risk in not hiring an offensive coordinator

Hue Jackson

In fairness to Hue Jackson and everyone else currently involved with the Cleveland Browns, we’ve seen it all. And, we’ve seen all of it fail often in spectacular fashion. We’ve seen Phil Savage and Butch Davis engage in power struggles. We’ve seen defensive-minded head coaches such as Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, and Mike Pettine. We’ve

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Conflicting reports on the the status of Ray Horton’s future in Tennessee and Cleveland

ray horton browns

Ray Horton was in Cleveland briefly as a part of Rob Chudzinski’s staff that ended up being fired immediately following their first season on the job. The Browns weren’t great that season, but even most demanding fans were pretty shocked with the swiftness and decisiveness barely a year after the crew was hired. When the

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Watch Hue Jackson’s fiery presser where he called out his Raiders team

Hue Jackson Raiders Presser

Hue Jackson was fired by the Raiders after the 2011 season and many have presumed that his post-game press conference had at least something to do with it. The Raiders lost to the Chargers to have a 0.500 record and missed a chance to win the division. A frustrated Hue Jackson seemed to indicate that

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Former Rams fan decides to become a Cleveland Browns fan

browns new logo

The NFL has a strange way of making friends and enemies. I didn’t know anyone who ever had anything against Baltimore growing up, but after they stole the Cleveland Browns, you better believe the grudge was thick and heavy. Similarly, there was a new respect for the Steelers when Dan Rooney was one of two

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Breaking down the Hue Jackson press conference

Hue Jackson

Maybe you missed Hue Jackson’s press conference after being named head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Maybe you listened to it, but you didn’t hear it. Maybe you need someone to tell you not just what was said, but what was really said. WFNY has your back. Craig plays the audio, talks all over it

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TD returns to talk Hue Jackson and Tribe – WFNY Podcast No. 448

danny salazar

Former WFNY’er week continues with a conversation with TD! The Cleveland Browns hired Hue Jackson in the middle of this podcast and we talked about that. TD also discussed a Browns gaffe that happened to his family personally. To the Browns’ credit, they are rectifying it, but it’s interesting nonetheless. We also talked about the

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Paul DePodesta’s real value is probably not “analytics” – WFNY Podcast Episode 447

Getty Images

Episode number 447 is with an old friend of WFNY, Jon Steiner. We discuss a lot of not-quite-sports topics in addition to some television and podcast things. Most importantly we talk about what we think the real value of Paul DePodesta is for the Cleveland Browns and we don’t think it has a lot to

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