Embarrassing Browns say hi to the bye, lose to the Steelers, 30-9

Pettine Smaller

The Cleveland Browns embarrassed themselves badly in their final game before their bye week.

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Exclusive interview with Roy Farmer – Browns Friday Fumble – WFNY Podcast – 2015-11-13


The not-so-serious look at the Browns weekly football game. This time the boys interview Roy Farmer.

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Are you ready for a Landry Jones-Johnny Manziel Punt-fest? While We’re Waiting…

Johnny Manziel

Landry Jones! Johnny Manziel! It’s the worst Steeler week ever!

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What’s it like doing a Browns pre-game show in a lost season? – WFNY Podcast – 2015-11-11

Browns Fans Sad

What’s it like to do a lost season of Cleveland Browns football from the behind the mic of a Browns pre-game show?

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Cleveland Browns among teams potentially interested in Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford Salaries

If the Detroit Lions move on from Matthew Stafford, the Cleveland Browns should come running.

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Should the Cleveland Browns start Johnny Manziel for the rest of the season?

Johnny Manziel New York Jets Cleveland Browns

It’s about that time to discuss whether the Cleveland Browns should just start Johnny Manziel the rest of the way.

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Les Levine talks Johnny Manziel, Bernie Kosar, and Delly to Tristan Thompson – WFNY Podcast – 2015-11-10

Bernie Kosar Cleveland Browns

Les Levine joins the WFNY Podcast and discusses Johnny Manziel, Bernie Kosar and much more.

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Should the Cleveland Browns fire Mike Pettine?

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are a mess, but can Mike Pettine be the one to clean it up?

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Brian Billick thinks the Cleveland Browns should keep Mike Pettine


Stop the insanity! Brian Billick says Browns should keep Mike Pettine.

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Should the Cleveland Browns fire Ray Farmer?

Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer

Should the Cleveland Browns fire Ray Farmer? You be the judge.

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Love Stinks, the Browns stink, but save the petitions – WFNY Podcast – 2015-11-06

Pettine HC

The Cleveland Browns stink, but signing an Internet petition or holding a sign in Berea won’t help.

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Bowe with a catch, LeBron and Love, plus Beach Slang: While We’re Waiting…

Dwayne Bowe

LeBron James and Kevin Love have an awkward Youtube clip on record.

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Cleveland Browns make it four in a row, lose to Bengals, 31-10

Getty Images

The Browns didn’t play awful in the first half, but that final score was ugly, 31-10.

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Cleveland teams mostly clear from “paid patriotism” issue

Progressive Field with big American flag

Paid patriotism doesn’t sound good, but our Cleveland teams are mostly clear.

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Ray Farmer’s movie unlikely to have a happy ending


Ray Farmer did not win the press conference.

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Panicking over the 2015 Cleveland Browns is panicking over nothing

Browns Panic Smaller

The Cleveland Browns season is done, so just stop freaking out about it. Accept that it’s gone.

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Browns Friday Fumble – Arizona Cardinals – WFNY Podcast – 2015-10-30


A lighter kind of Browns preview as they defend the lake from the Arizona Cardinals.

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Sports Movie Review: 4 Minute Mile is a solid, mediocre sports movie

4 minute mile movie

Sports movies are like pizza. Even a bad one is till kind of good.

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J.T. Barrett reportedly arrested for OVI

Marvin Fong/The Plain Dealer

J.T. Barrett was reportedly arrested for OVI on Friday night / Saturday morning.

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Watch Kevin Love do it all in Cavs home opener win over Heat

Sept. 28, 2015. Second media day. Note the hair.

Kevin Love did it all in the Cavs’ home opening win over the Miami Heat.

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