Browns sign Sione Fua, place Armonty Bryant on IR


It’s such a shame that Armonty Bryant went down injured. The young defender was a valuable piece to the Browns defense and seemed to be growing as a player with each game. Unfortunately for him and the Browns he’s done for at least the rest of this season with torn ACL and MCL. Now, the


Victor Martinez will give Detroit the first chance in free agency

Victor Martinez Cleveland Indians

The ultra-slim chances that I had as a Cleveland Indians fan to have Victor Martinez back in a Tribe uniform have gotten even slimmer. If the Indians’ own self-professed budgetary constraints this off-season weren’t enough, the rumor mill states that Victor prefers to stay in Detroit and will give them every chance to sign him


Some details about Brian Hoyer’s Mr. Hero endorsement

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

If you’re a Cleveland fan who lives in the area still, you’ve almost certainly scene or heard Brian Hoyer pitching for Mr. Hero. Darren Rovell has more on the story at ESPN. Mr. Hero, which has 95 stores (all in Ohio), signed Hoyer in the spring; the chain filmed TV and radio spots and allotted


Washington may turn the page from Kirk Cousins to Colt McCoy


From the former Browns mega-file, we have news from Washington where the post-RG3 plans aren’t going so well. At one time Kirk Cousins was a hot QB name for Cleveland Browns fans in search of an answer. Running Kyle Shanahan’s system, Cousins had rolled the Browns to death in a game, and conventional wisdom was


Ben Cox talks Cavs, Season of Huh, Browns win over Steelers – WFNY Podcast – 2014-10-13

Podcast header Graphic

Ben Cox came on the podcast today to talk about the “Season of Huh” book he’s putting together with some of the best writers in the Cavs blog community. We also talked about the Browns beating the Steelers, but not that much. We mostly focused on the last year of Cavaliers news culminating in the


Steelers think Joe Thomas blocks dirty


Scott Brown of ESPN reported from the Steelers locker room that even after the game Cameron Heyward was none-too-pleased with the “dirty play” of the Browns on Sunday. Defensive end Cameron Heyward didn’t hide his anger in the visiting locker room at FirstEnergy Field, and not just because the Steelers had been embarrassed by one


Watch Kevin Love’s highlights from 25-point performance


Kevin Love rocked it on Saturday in Brazil for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With Kyrie Irving not suiting up and LeBron James only playing 21 minutes, Love led the way with 25 points on just 12 shots. The best part: It was even more fun to watch than it was to read in the box score.


Browns demolish Steelers 31-10! Tweets of the game


The Browns took a 21-3 lead into halftime after a slow start. The injuries were starting to pile up. 3rd Quarter The Browns and Steelers traded punts for a bit. The Browns couldn’t take advantage of having the ball back to start the third quarter. Isaiah Crowell was having none of it though. 24-yard run


Browns center Alex Mack might have broken leg

Alex Mack Cleveland Browns

Alex Mack went down and was visibly uncomfortable when he got hurt in the first half of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After the game came back from commercial, they had the cart out and had his lower leg in a giant, black air cast that’s used to stabilize. They generally won’t apply an


Browns lead Steelers 21-3 at the half – Tweets of the game


In lieu of an in-depth first half recap, I decided I’d catalog some of the best Tweets as the action happened. I’ll have a game recap when it’s all over. 1st Quarter Steelers vs. Browns brings out all the stars. Here’s Dustin Fox who apparently found “Papa John” Schnatter. Cleveland, Papa John is in you.


Watch Jordan Cameron’s long TD catch from Brian Hoyer


The Browns went up on the Steelers 14-3 in the second quarter after finally finding their tempo on offense. All the failed rushing attempts weren’t for nothing though. The Browns used play-action perfectly to find Jordan Cameron twice. He merely set up an Isaiah Crowell running TD on the first touchdown. He wouldn’t let himself


Cavs beat the Heat and LeBron dunks on Bosh

LeBron James dunks over Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat

The Cavaliers beat the Heat tonight in overtime, 122-119, but that’s not important. What is important is what it looked like. Most notably, check out this dunk LeBron James put on his old teammates. Here’s what the WFNY crew and others were saying about the game as it happened. no one has. for good reason.