Pic: Bernie Kosar’s first start with the Browns was 30 years ago

Bernie Kosar younger

As we ready ourselves for another Cleveland Browns football season, it was interesting to see a picture that Darren Rovell of ESPN posted to Twitter. Rovell incorrectly states that it was 30 years ago “today” that Bernie Kosar started for the Browns, but it’s close enough for rock ‘n roll, as they say. Bernie started

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Fantasy football, Ray Rice, Justin Gilbert and more – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-17

Justin Gilbert Cleveland Browns

It’s Monday morning and there’s plenty to talk about from the weekend. It wasn’t a big sports weekend, mind you, but that doesn’t meant there’s nothing to talk about. Craig is solo today talking about fantasy, Justin Gilbert, the Browns and a whole lot more. Have you subscribed on iTunes? Have you seen Craig’s guide

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Mike Pettine talks to Jay Glazer at an uncomfortably small table (about Manziel)

Mike Pettine and Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer visited the Browns in his bus and Mike Pettine jumped on to chat at an uncomfortable small table about Johnny Manziel and Joel Bitonio among other topics. They spent the whole first part of the interview talking about how sexy Mike Pettine is. Very strange, but they got past it eventually. Anyway, they

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Browns pre-season game, Nick Swisher, and scared of West Virginia – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-13

Nick Swisher valentine

Craig Lyndall is finally podcasting with people again. Dave Sterling rejoins the podcast. Click here for my guide to podcasting equipment and software. Check out all the gear and software that Craig uses to record the podcast Craig and Dave briefly discuss the first half of the Browns game Nick Swisher is a dude you

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Browns conclusions, Nick Swisher, Yelp and more: While We’re Waiting

McCown Wants You Filtered

Happy Friday WFNY people. It’s my turn on the WWW and I get the morning after a Browns pre-season game. How many of you watched the Indians instead? Anyway, here’s all the stuff that I found interesting to talk about. While We’re Waiting… Breaking down the Browns’ pre-season game… You don’t get to draw conclusions

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The Browns should not pursue Ray Rice

Ray Rice Cleveland Browns

Do I really have to spend time writing about the Cleveland Browns and Ray Rice? Thanks to Mike Pettine and his comments on Tuesday, I guess I do. I don’t want to because my easy answer to the idea of Ray Rice playing in Cleveland is a simple and decisive, “No.” I hate to just

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The Browns running backs need to perform – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-12

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Terrance West

The second Browns podcast of the week! We needed to talk more about the Browns. What’s really funny is that I completely forgot to discuss one of the major bullets I wanted to hit! I wanted to talk a minute about all the reasons why the Browns shouldn’t sign Ray Rice. I’ll have to save

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News on Joe Thomas, Brian Hartline, lefty Manziel and more from Browns training camp

(Photo: Craig Lyndall / WFNY)

I made it out to Cleveland Browns training camp today and here are some of the things that I saw. Johnny Lefty Johnny Manziel had a sore elbow and nobody knew it until he started throwing lefty. Coach Mike Pettine and quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell both said Manziel is likely to play Thursday against Washington

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Tristan Thompson’s free agency power play might work – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-11

Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers

After starting the week with some Indians and Browns talk, I went back at it for some Cavs talk. This time, the topic at hand was Rich Paul and his big client Tristan Thompson in their quest for a 2015 max contract. Are you subscribed to iTunes yet? WHY NOT? Click here for a direct

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Josh Gordon not pleased that old DWI reports resurfaced


I can’t say I was shocked when I first saw the hints of a brand new DWI report fly across my Twitter screen today involving Josh Gordon. I got a quick lesson in making assumptions. As it turns out, it was a surprise to everyone, especially suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who has had

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Johnny Manziel’s future, plus previewing the Browns first pre-season game – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-10


I went solo again to talk about the Cleveland Browns. Namely, I wanted to talk about Johnny Manziel and his future with the Browns even as a backup quarterback. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! At what point is Johnny Manziel’s future with the Browns at risk? What about Justin Gilbert? Will

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“No real progress” in Cavs’ contract talks with Tristan Thompson

Associated Press

Tristan Thompson’s deal was once thought to be imminent, but here we sit well into August and the impactful power forward remains unsigned. Brian Windhorst is talking about it at ESPN today with the latest intel on the situation both from the Cavs perspective and that of Thompson and his management. As Windy eloquently points

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The Indians trade Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn! – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-09

Nick Swisher

It was a nice vacation, but I have so many things to say about Cleveland sports! First up, the Indians and their monumental trade of Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn. Here’s what I discussed. Click here for a direct link to the MP3 file. Also, be sure to subscribe on iTunes. [Also see: Andre Knott

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Denny talks Foo Fighters, fatherhood, and more – WFNY Podcast – 2015-07-30

Podcast header Graphic

(Note: I forgot to post this before vacation, but better late than never, right?) Denny and Craig used to talk every week. Now it’s twice a year, but it’s still fun. Are you a non-nanny or nanny person? Vacationing with children to beaches is not relaxing Going to the zoo and to mini golf and

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Vacation, Browns thoughts, girl sports and more: While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

Happy Friday WFNY’ers! I’m here to tell you that the ocean in Charleston South Carolina is absolutely lovely right now. I hope everyone has a family vacation that’s as much fun as all the swimming we did this week. And I mean it. I want every one of you to take that vacation. Time is

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Will Johnny Manziel be good enough to be the Browns’ backup plan?

Browns preview

The real question about Johnny Manziel is whether he’s even the best backup quarterback the Cleveland Browns have. It’s a conundrum for the Browns as they look for their best and most strategically advantageous 53-man roster. The only thing worse than a first-round quarterback who isn’t ready to start is a first round quarterback who isn’t even

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Josh McCown’s success will depend on the rushing attack: 2015 Cleveland Browns Preview

Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to dive into the Browns and start to figure out what this 2015 Cleveland Browns team can be. This week, I’m going to be picking apart the Browns with the idea that we need to figure out how this team can be successful. I can’t disagree with the Vegas over/under of 6.5 wins,

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Farewell Indians, Hello Terrelle Pryor, plus 1,000 Foos: While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

So yesterday’s WWW was interesting, huh? Happy Friday people. This is a special Friday for me because I’m heading into a family vacation next week where there’s access to the ocean. Can’t wait. Hope you all have a great weekend. Now, while we’re waiting… Letting the Indians fade into the distance… I’m think I’m mostly

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Will Braxton Miller and Terrelle Pryor succeed at receiver? – WFNY Podcast – 2015-07-28

Terrelle Pryor Randy Moss Josh Gordon

In the second Andrew podcast of the week, we discussed the football and music things. We discussed Braxton Miller and his switch to receiver. We discussed Ezekiel Elliott and then we talked about Terrelle Pryor and some music. Here’s a direct link to the MP3 for this episode. Braxton Miller becomes a receiver Braxton Miller

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Simply put, the Indians stink and the Cavs rule – WFNY Podcast – 2015-07-27

Podcast header Graphic

Andrew and Craig are both fans at heart so it gives no joy to see the Indians struggle so mightily. It’s still crazy to think just how much has gone right for the Cavs and wrong for the Cleveland Indians. Here’s the rest of what we discussed. Subscribe on iTunes. Please. To download the MP3

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