So about that open WFNY Indians writer position…


I swear I meant to get to this sooner than the gosh-darn beginning of Spring Training, but life kept getting in the way.  Which, come to think of it, is kind of the point… When I joined WFNY five years ago (FIVE YEARS AGO), I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I mean that

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Michael Brantley Breaks Out – WFNY’s Top 10 Cleveland Sports Stories of 2014: No. 9

Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians

If you thought that 2013 was one crazy year in the world of Cleveland Sports, 2014 once again proved that there is rarely a dull moment. There were good times and bad, hirings and firings, wins and losses, homecomings and award winners. As the year comes to a close, like we have done the last

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My Sportsman of the Year: Terry Francona

Terry Francona Cleveland Indians

Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year is an annual must-read. Sadly, that the national recognition rarely has anything to do with the teams or individuals whom we cover. In turn, WFNY will soon announce its choice for 2014’s Cleveland Sportsman of the Year. Here’s one of the nominations for that honor by an WFNY writer.

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Toward an Indians Off-Season Strategy

Terry Francona Chris Antonetti

This is the first off-season I can remember in quite a while that doesn’t seem to carry with it a somewhat obvious imperative for the Cleveland Indians front office.  Typically, it feels like we enter the winter with a hole that requires filling.  Last year, for instance, the team had to address right field, as Nick

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Sorry NOT SORRY, Tito and the Front Office, Serial, and a new Tradition: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Behold: Jon Steiner’s first ever WWW!

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Searching for Perspective on the 2014 Indians

Cleveland Indians

The Dolans might be “cheap” but the Cleveland Indians front office deserves to be praised, not crucified.

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“C” is for “Cookie”, Good Enough for Me

Carlos Carrasco Cleveland Indians

I hate to be this guy, but I cannot wait to watch this pitching staff next season.

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A Season-Saving Start from Danny Salazar

Danny Salazar

Danny Salazar gives the Indians a much-needed lift against the Tigers. We live-blogged it.

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Indians 8, White Sox 6: Bunt, Force, Trauma


  8:06 PM – I crunched some numbers earlier today that suggested the Indians need to shoot for at least 90 wins if they want to make the playoffs.  I don’t know why I did that work, because you could probably just have hit a corpse on the nose with a ball-peen hammer before the

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Animated: Carlos Santana’s 5 HR weekend

Carlos Santana - Dejak AP

The Indians lost three of four to the Royals this weekend, which is the bad news. Carlos Santana is doing this to baseballs though, which is the good news.   That would be five home runs in three games–the first two off fire-baller Yordano Ventura. Santana now leads the team with 20 home runs. Despite

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Bauer, Swisher, and a theory on baseball aesthetics

Trevor Bauer

Jon is in a bit of a writing rut, so he’s asking the WFNY gang to help him get out of it. After circulating some juicy topics around WFNY Headquarters, Craig said he was interested in talking Trevor Bauer, Nick Swisher, Travis Hafner, and what it means to like some players more than others.  So we did

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Indians 3, Twins 4: It smelled funny from the start

8:29 PM – We join our heroes in Minneapolis, during the top of the second inning after an uneventful first. Much has been made in the booth of the fact that this is the Indians’ first trip back to Target Field since clinching their 2013 playoff spot.  That is somewhat hard to believe.  I find

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LeBron James coming home to join the Cleveland Cavaliers


The waiting game is over: LeBron James made his announcement to Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins that he’ll be rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2014-2015 NBA season. The letter is simply wonderful: Before anyone ever cared where I would play basketball, I was a kid from Northeast Ohio. It’s where I walked. It’s where I

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Kluber trailing in All-Star Game Balloting with one day remaining

AL All Star Voting

Corey Kluber is among the five finalists to be added to the AL All-Star roster via fan vote, but so far things aren’t looking great, despite Terry Francona’s best efforts. Terry Francona sat at computer from 10:30am-4pm (with some interruptions) to vote for Corey Kluber for All-Star Game. "I voted my ass off." — Zack

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The inimitable Josh Tomlin: old dogs, new tricks, and revisited parades

I try to avoid declaring any one person unique, as such declarations imply there are non-unique people—boring and generic caricatures, leading rote and empty lives. This feels like a nasty thing to say, even only as an implication. But Josh Tomlin is unique and you are leading a rote and empty life. Let’s begin with

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Indians 5, Red Sox 3: Hot starts, turning corners, and streaking toward .500

Gomes Aviles

7:00 PM – My daughter is not happy that I’ve chosen to live recap the Indians game rather than Wheel of Fortune, but I’m bigger than her and a little richer so I get to decide. I’M A MAN. I’M FORTY! (But not really.) That said, diapers, baths and bedtime stories are likely to interfere

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The Bullpen Tranche and John Axford’s New Normal

Axford Rolaids (Custom)

This is probably an over-simplification, but I generally put pitchers into something like three categories: (1) I trust that guy; (2) that guy is moderately pitchable and occasionally good, though his flaws can scare me; and (3) that guy is utterly unpitchable in any situation that may determine the outcome of the game. The trick,

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Bernie Kosar responds to being replaced, cites concussions for ‘slurred speech’

Bernie Kosar

Yesterday the Browns and WKYC announced that Bernie Kosar would no longer be the color commentator for Browns preseason games on WKYC.  Today, Kosar–by way of Mary Hipp at ThinkMediaStudios–responded.  They’re none too happy, it would seem. I’ll let him tell you: I was informed yesterday by the Cleveland Browns and WKYC that I have

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The Evolution of Michael Brantley


As I have discussed in this space before, my estimation of Michael Brantley has not often aligned with those around me.  Where I saw a player failing to live up to his on-base pedigree, others saw someone with innate clutchiness.1   Where I saw a player who seemed to lose his base-stealing ability upon meeting better

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The Tribe rotation and its (early) noisy signals

Trevor Bauer

Have you heard that it’s early yet and you shouldn’t make too much of small sample sizes? Well, it is!  And you shouldn’t! But not making a big deal out of stuff doesn’t pay the bills around here, so we’re going to do it anyway, suckers. The Indians rotation has been, for lack of better

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